Mobile Money:MPESA

Mobile Money: MPESA

It has been more than 5 years since the launch of mobile money transaction services through Safaricom MPESA

Initially, MPESA services were a preserve of few Kenyans. This was so because not so many Kenyans had an understanding of how valuable this system was.

There were few MPESA agents due to the huge capital requirements by Safaricom

MPESA: Current situation in Kenya

mobile moneyKenya has a seen an increase in the number of MPESA agents country wide. This is in addition to this online money transfer being recognized by the international money markets.

For one to do any MPESA transaction, an ID card or passport must be produced. However this is dependent on the type of agent, as there are those who can  facilitate MPESA transaction without any of these documents.

In order to reach a large clientele, we have recently seen a rise MPESA related fraud cases in the country.

There have also been reports on MPESA agents who have either been robbed or killed by thug posing as MPESA clients. This is so because most of these MPESA outlets are not located in secure places; neither do they have CCTV for purposes of keeping tabs on their customers.

We recently began to hear of people being duped to withdraw money from their MPESA accounts.

How does this MPESA fraud begin?

  • It begins with someone having access to your phone number
  • Someone sending you an SMS from an unfamiliar number claiming that s/he sent yu some money by mistake
  • An MPESA agent asking you to give him/her  your MPESA code
  • Someone calls you expecting you to carry out an ATM withdrawal using your  MPESA account

Steps To Take to AVOID Being Duped through MPESA

  • Whenever you get a stranger asking you to send him/her the money they sent you by mistake, always send an SMS to 333 giving the customer care agent details of the call/message received. This will enable safaricom block  that number
  • Do not disclose your MPESA PIN to anyone
  • Check your balance before carrying out any transaction
  • Every MPESA related SMS always bear the name of the person to whom the money was sent to or received from. So if someone calls you informing you that they erroneously sent you some money, ask them to tell what your names are.
  • Should anyone call you requesting you to send them the money erroneously sent to you, ask them to call Safaricom directly for the transaction to be reversed

NOTE: In case you participate in any competition sponsored by safaricom, they will always call you using 0722 000 000 and not any other number.

Anyone reading this article   is welcome to share with Kenyans how we can safeguard our MPESA accounts. This is very necessary especially at this point in time when Kenyans have purposed to use their MPESA accounts to donate towards the Kenyans for Kenya food campaign.

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