Men’s hairstyle 2011

Emerging men’s hairstyles

The year 2011 has seen the emergence of unique, creative and at times crazy men’s hairstyle. Whilst the 2011 men’s hairstyles may be regarded new in the Kenyan fashion industry, the same may not be true worldwide. Men have in the recent past moved away from just having natural hair, commonly referred to as the “freedom” hairstyle to having their hair chemically treated or braided.

Hair has the potential of creating a fashion statement as it has a potential of giving one a positive or negative outlook.

There are many hairstyles men can choose from, but this choice should be determined by one’s:

  • Age
  • Profession

Types of the men’s hairstyles 2011

Some of these men’s hair styles are:

Men’s hairstyle 2011 1: Corn rows

This hairstyle is quite common amongst teenagers and artistscorn rows

These cornrows can be made in different forms

  • Plain push back
  • Pineapple
  • “mosodo”
  • Zig zag
  • Lines made with wool
  • Pussy cat

How to maintain this hair style

  • Only have it on for at most 2 weeks
  • Avoid applying a lot of oil
  • Individuals who have a problem with dandruff, should use anti-dandruff creams/sheens
  • Avoid braiding cornrows for more than 4 weeks consecutively as they can weaken your hair line

Men’s hairstyle 2: dreadlocks

This hairstyle is common among men of all faiths.dreadlocks

At a personal level, I’m yet to come across any man on whom this hairstyle looks go on. This is either because there are those who keep their dreads either too long or have their dreads too thick/thin

Men who go for this hairstyle should be clear on the reason why they want dreads. Is it for beauty, fashion statement or for artists is it to spice up their dance styles like Juliani?

How to maintain this hairstyle

  • Wash the dreads once every 2 weeks
  • Condition and treat your hair accordingly
  • Use hair  sheen sprays
  • Trim to a reasonable size
  • Stye the dreads in unique ways to avoid monotony of hair style

Men’s hairstyle 3: Jordan

This style derives its name from the famous basketball player, Michael Jordan.

This hairstyle is preferred by men who suffer from early graying of hair, tired of dreads, or those who suffer from an autoimmune hair loss condition, otherwise referred to as alopecia

In my view this is the cheapest men’s hairstyle in terms of maintenance .I would however not recommend this hairstyle during summer season due to discomfort associated with it.

Maintenance of this hairstyle

  • Wash daily  with soap or shampoo
  • Oil as appropriate and with modesty
  • Use the services  of a trusted barber keeping in mind the risks associated with HIV infection

Men’s hairstyle 3: Tintin

Yesterday I saw a kid of about 2 years with this hairstyle; I couldn’t help but reminisce on the days when we used to watch TV programs with Mr. Tintin as a hero.tintin

This is one of those crazy hairstyles men should avoid at all costs unless if one intends to take a photo and immediately trim it back to size.

This hairstyle has the potential of portraying one as rude and arrogant

Men’s hairstyle 4: Afro hair

This is for men who prefer to keep hair equivalent to the size of one’s pinky finger. It was a fashion statement in the 1970s, and there are men who currently love this styleafro

One can trim this hairstyle into a box cut

Maintenance of this hairstyle

  • Wash regularly  with shampoo
  • Oil as appropriate and with modesty
  • Have it trimmed by a professional barber every so often
  • Ensure to trim the hairline as well

Men’s hairstyle 5: Afro Kinky

This is where men with afro hair can resort to twist their hair or avoid combing their hair after every wash

Maintenance of this hairstyle

  • Wash   the scalp regularly
  • Do not comb  out the twists
  • Apply oil sheen directly to the hair and scalp
  • Use appropriate head gear when going to sleep to avoid disentangling the twists

 Men’s hairstyle 6: Wigs

Men like women can once in a while wear wigs that come in different styles. There are wigs in the market thawigst are a combination of all the above hairstyles

However caution should be taken when wearing wigs as they can easily fall off

Men who opt for this style can have a saloonist use a hair specific adhesive to attach thus wig on their heads to avoid any form of embarrassment

In closing

There is no need for men to complain of having a bad hair day when there are myriad of men hairstyles to choose from

Remember, whatever hairstyle you chose as a man there is fashion statement being made

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