Health Care Management

What is Health Care Management?

According to wiki answers, “Health Care Management is the study of some aspects of health care, including areas of health care policy, international health care systems, economy of health care, quality assurance, as it relates to the prevention, treatment and management of illness.

Focus of health care management

Everything done in the health care system always revolves around 2 things:

  • Prevention of diseases
  • Management of existing illnesses

In order for these two aspects to be well addressed there is need for proper health care policies and standard operating procedures to govern health care management

Many governments have put in place the required policy frameworks to promote access to health care by all. However, most of these policy frameworks are rarely implemented or widely disseminated to the public for all to hold the ministries of health accountable.

Kenya is no exception, as there are several health care policies that have been developed jointly by the government and interested stakeholders.

However, what lacks is a quality assurance mechanism of these policies. This could be reason why most Kenyans prefer accessing health care from private and not government owned facilities.

Health care management in terms of prevention

There are many preventable diseases that keep affecting the populace in all countries, yet all that was required was simple messages around hygiene.

A case in point, in this day and age why would we have Kenyans suffer or die as a result of jigger infestation?

Health care management of Jigger menace

 For those reading this and have no clue of what a jigger is, “A jigger is a type of parasitic flea also known as the TUNGA. This flea attacks soft areas of the skin, and easily spreads to other parts of the body if untreated.

It is sad to note that more than 1.4millions suffer from jigger infestation, yet the Government is not doing much to address this.

There is no health policy on the prevention and management of this condition.

Those who are brave enough to seek help from existing health care facilities have shunned doing so because of the following:

  • Their inability to take themselves to the health care centres
  • The stigma associated with this
  • The shame some of them feel
  • The attitude of health care workers in attending to jigger victims

As a result we have seen many of the jigger infested victims resort to home remedies or give up all together due to lack of support.

Women have been widowed because of this, children have stopped going to school because of the stigma and immobility associated with this menace, and communities have become more vulnerable to other infections like HIV.


Effects of this health care menace

This single health care problem poses a threat to several sectors of the economy and on other prevention strategies as shown below:


There has been a notable increase in school drop outs amongst individuals residing in jigger prone areas.


Gains made in mitigating effects of infections like HIV are being lost. This is due to poverty levels in these areas that have necessitated the sharing of needles to remove jiggers


The effects of this infestation are quite debilitating that majority of the family bread winners are unable to contribute to economic growth as there is no employer who can hire them, neither can some of them leave their homes in search of work

In closing

Governments should revisit their priorities by giving required resource allocation towards the health care sector. Failure to0 which other sectors of the economy will continue suffering due to majority of those in their prime years in certain regions not being able to effectively increase their economic power due to gaps in the health care management policies.

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