Massage For Happy Babies

Why massage for happy babies?

Babies also need massage sessions

To all parents out there, delivery of a baby marks the end of a 9 months journey characterized by way ward hormones,mood swings,muscular cramps,fatigues,to name  but a few.

Every pregnant never takes time to reflect on how much the bringing forth of a new baby into this world is not only pleasurable but also tiring(especially for the first month)

I do not know of many Gynecologists who take time in explaining to expectant mothers how they can soothe and relax their babies.

I guess most of this is left for the mother to discover on her own,that is if she  ever will

Massage for happy babies,

I remember when i gave birth to my first born son(3.9kgs) ,i was so shocked as to how  “tiny” he was.I had never had the opportunity of holding such a tiny baby in my arms throughout my 30 something years on this planet.

I didn’t know how to breastfeed my son. To make matters worse i didn’t know how to hold the baby whilst taking care of my C-S wound.

The only breastfeeding i had ever witnessed in my life,was that between a cow and a calf,so a i naturally thought that i also have to squeeeeeze milk out  into my sons breast.I didn’t know that about the suckling reflex that is associated with breastfeeding.

I guess i will preserve  the details for my next article.

Massage for happy babies: Myths

Given the stress i had in breastfeeding   and taking care of my wound,i begun to feel agitated whenever my son would not sleep.

I ever regretted why Atwoli (the Cotu Secretary) and Hon Njoki thought it wise for  men to be given 2 weeks paternity leave.This was because i felt that my husband who had more experience in handling babies given that he was the 1st born should step in and soothe his son.

To add onto this,i felt that i needed rest given  the 9 months of walking around with our  unborn son.

Guess what,my husband would sleep through the night  less concerned about whether i was  getting enough rest or not.

To address this disappointment,i stocked my house with gripe water,infacol and Bonnisan syrups, as i had been told that these help relieve the discomfort babies feel because of the gas.

If only someone had told me that these were misconceptions and all i needed was to learn massage for happy babies techniques.

Massage for  happy babies:Importance

During  the 9 months of  pregnancy,the baby has really little room for movement,hence reason why mothers ought to learn the importance of massaging their babies for 2 key reasons:

  • to straighten and relax their infants  tense muscles
  • to help babies release gas caused by many factors including suckling in air during breastfeeding

Massage for happy babies:Requirements

Back to my experience with my son.

Thank God for mother-in-laws. Mine heard of how i was not sleeping well and speedily came to inspect why this was so.

She  came armed with powder soap. I guess she already knew what the problem was.

She quickly took me through the importance of baby massage and requested to me to give her the following in addition to the soap she came with:

  • A towel
  • Basin with warm water
  • Baby oil
  • Face  towel
  • Changing mat
  •  Change over of clothes for the baby

Massage for happy babies:How To

These are the steps my mum followed which can be followed by all:

  • Undress the baby
  • Spread a towel over the changing mat
  • Place the infant on top  of  the towel whilst covering him/her with the towel.(Remember to only expose one body part at a time and cover it once done)
  • Wet your hand and apply a little powder soap
  • Gently slide your fingers  onto your babies chest.Note: GENTLY so that you don’t harm your babies rib cage.Cover  the chest once done
  • Knead the folds under the armpits and groin
  • For the limbs,wet your soapy hands again and  gently twist your  babies limbs outwards as if to stretch them out.
  • Gently massage each finger AND  toes
  • Turn the baby over and have him/her lie on his/her tummy
  • Gently slide your fingers over his back.DO NOT massage the spine
  • Your can also massage the back in  gentle circular motions.
  • Once done,place the baby in the basin to rinse off the soap
  • Apply oil and  dress him/her up

Massage for happy babies:Music does the trick

Please do not scare your baby  off with a stern face while doing a massage.Use this session to relax your facial muscles too.

For those with naturally stern faces, try singing,but if you  know that your voice could be more scary than your face,i would gently advice that you invest in some cool slow music.

Music plays a key role is soothing  your infant during the massaging exercise.Hence reason why you should not play loud rock music.

Many at times,babies will fall asleep  immediately after the massage.

Massage for happy babies: Enhancing parent-child bond

Massage is good for both the parent and the child given that it:

  • enhances touch which has been proven to be every human being’s desire
  • through touch one is able to communicate love
  •  relaxes the baby who in turn  becomes less crampy
  • the smile of a child in itself relaxes the parent
  • through touch one is able to communicate love(as shown  below)

Massage for happy babies:A must try

Share this with every  parent out there. Massage for happy babies is a must try for all mothers  and should be done regularly


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