Blessings of Parenting

Parenting is divinely ordained given that the  Bible clearly  instructs parents to raise up their children in a Godly way.

“Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.” (Proverbs 22:6)

Parenting 101:Parents ought to rise

Parents are always out to have their children obey them,without looking  into their own parenting skills.

How do we as parents expect our children to become  the “Obama’s” of tomorrow when our lives only typify defeat?

We need to learn from parents who despite their low economic status ,have raised their children to believe that THEIR TODAY,DOES NOT DETERMINE/DEFINE THEIR TOMORROW”

Look at these two scenarios:

Fruits of Parenting 1:

Mama Denis Oliech:This woman has raised up an international football star just by selling fish,a trade she carries on to date.The only difference is ,instead of selling this fish in Eastlands,an Estate in the outskirts of Nairobi City Center,she is selling it in Hurligham(For those who don’t know,Hurligham is in the upmarket part of Nairobi and a simple plate of chips here goes for Shs 100 compared toShs 50 in Eastlands)

The same applies to Mama Mariga who has raised her  children  by selling second hand clothes.2 of her sons are now playing  football in international clubs

Fruits of Parenting 2:

Whitney Houston was raised up by God fearing parents,sung in choir and released several musical hits.However the entry of Bobby Brown into her life was marked by involvement in drugs and a fall in her career.She as of May 2011  joined a drug rehabilitation program again.

Parenting: How do we rate success

Is it possible for one to attain the 100% mark in parenting?

I will leave this to you  my reader to answer

How do we rate our successes as parents ? Do we measure this by the kind of schools we enroll them in,the kind of friends they keep,the type of cars they drive,the homes they live in as grown ups, or the fashion style they maintain?

All the above are early standards;What are Yahweh’s standards?

We need to seek wisdom from He  who entrusted with  blessings in form of our children for insights on how to  parent our children.

Parenting:Patience required

Have you ever taken time to reflect on how you as a parent influence the kind of   persons your children will become in future?

What will your children say of you when they  become adults? Will they be proud of you or be ashamed of you

We cannot wait for  our children to grow up  only for them to regret why God gave them you or me as their parents.

We need to ACT now by training them the way they should go.

Parenting Vs Training

Parenting does not require a training manual.There are no hard and fast rules on parenting.

All parents have to seek divine guidance on how to raise their children without having to follow a training  manual.

This means that  parenting is not about sitting your children down and taking them through a session of “do’s and dont’s”,but being a good role model to our children.

Basically,our children will learn from what we do and say in every situation.


Lets  endeavor to mold up this future generation with Godliness whilst learning from the parents of the 2 children below

Parenting :Teach them the word of God

Parenting: Teach them how to pray

In Closing:

Parenting is a blessing,take time to savor every moment of it

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