Movies:A Sight to Behold

Are movies a sight to behold?

“My stars! It was action-packed and full of thrilling suspense…”

“Did you see the beautiful scenery and the wonderful lyrics that formed an amazing background to the whole theme of the picture?”

“I certainly had chills of fear running down my spine, what a gruesome scene that was…”

Movies a sight to  behold?

Groups of friends congregating together to review   movies they have just watched. It is a pastime people all over the world, whether young or old, enjoy. You’ll always see throngs of people outside the Cinema Theaters on weekends, queuing up to see that epic, or this true story or even that comedy… the list is endless.

Watching movies: Steps into  the past

Ever wondered whether  recently release movies were  are  worth  watching? This  question will forever remain as long as movies continue being produced.

Watching a MoviesPeople have been watching movies from time immemorial, whether it is on their own screens in the comfort of their living rooms, or in what were referred to as “Mobile Theaters” moving from one town to another or in the more conventional theaters that we have in most of our urban areas to-day. Movie making has certainly come a long way, what with new improved sound systems known as “Dolby Surround” and the use of the latest tools of technology as pertains to this particular industry known as “Animatronics”, and “Trick Photography”, just to cite examples.

These methods are employed to make  movies look as captivating as possible, so as to pull crowds and boost sales, for the more acclaimed a movie is, the more awards (remember the Oscars?) it is likely to win, and those acting therein gain fame and their names are heard on every one’s lips…

Names like Chuck Norris (He of the Martial Arts fame), Sean Connery, Roger Moore & Pierce Brosnan (James Bond 007 heroes), Tom Cruise ( of the highly charged “Mission Impossible” thriller), Harrison Ford, Anthony Hopkins, Denzel Washington, Julia Roberts and even our very own Michael Powers from South Africa. He did us proud in the movie “Critical Assignment” along with co-star Khensani (she of the Generations Soap Opera).

There’s a whole galaxy of  film stars, from Hollywood to Bollywood and even in our very own continent though , I might add that  in the movies industry in Africa generally and more specifically in Kenya is still quite untapped; despite the fact that we have  actors and actresses of good repute.

We would hope for greater strides in the same, and probably produce unique movies that encompass our rich natural heritage in terms of our country’s indisputable beauty and abundant wildlife-bring something different to the movies world one time in the not-too-distant future (I hope someone at the top there is listening!!).

Movies:The What ? , How ?  and Why?

Lots of people watch movies each to his/her preference and they capture our imagination, our senses and our emotions in different ways, and we are left wondering “How did he do that?” or “What made her behave the way she did?” or  even  “Why did things have to turn out that way?” – The “How”, “Why” and “What” queries that we pose when the movie didn’t quite end the way we expected, or when we witness some high-flying stunts that don’t seem at all possible or even realistic or when the main theme or story-line of the particular movie is so moving in its very depiction that we shed tears during and/or after viewing it.

Movies bring into perspective cultures of different peoples for example when one watches Chinese movies, the famous moves speak of their love for the martial arts which is a great part of their ancient traditions. The Japanese Ninja movies also depict the Judo way of defense and the Ninja warriors, as they were called usually dressed in black costumes and were sometimes masked with heel-less crepe-soled shoes which allowed for agile movement.

They also employed the use of “Nunchakos” which, simply put, are two short, thick wooden rods with a metal chain connecting them. These made deadly weapons when two opponents were in combat and would be spun in the air very fast. At the opportune moment, they would be whipped over one’s head and the chain knotted tightly around the victim’s neck and this action would instantly cause strangulation or otherwise break the neck. Most of these individuals were trained to fight in and around their temples, which were also places of worship. Temples are shown a lot in their movies and this shows the great inter connectivity between their religion and training sessions in the martial arts.

The Roman mythologies were associated with the use of gladiators who normally fought in open arenas in their motion pictures. Gladiators (professional combats   with men or beasts, usually armed with swords) were to them a symbol of power & courage, a significant part of their philosophies and way of life.

The West African movies depict their belief in “Jujuism”, a type of black Magic which is rife in many of their communities.

These are just but a few examples I have cited to show revelation of certain cultural norms of different communities through motion pictures.

Movie making

This is no  is no easy task. Actors and actresses alike have to learn their scripts by heart, and bring out, to perfection, the characters they are supposed to portray. In the event that a particular motion picture has animals as part of its cast, they too have to be trained repeatedly to “act” out their parts appropriately.

Given that the thought processes of animals are so different from human beings this, in itself, is no mean feat. Apt locations have to be identified or otherwise reconstructed to make the movies as realistic as possible, although there are some films that depict themes that are far from what we would term as “real” or “possible” when we relate the same to occurrences in our day-to-day lives.

This is where we find the realm of producers and script-writers that have highly fertile imaginations “coming into the picture” as it were, and linked to this are the animated features or “cartoons” as they are more commonly known. These are actually moving pictures which are fast tracked to create the illusion of continuity and then appropriate voices are used for the characters. No doubt “Scooby Doo”, “Flintstones” “Pink Panther” etc tickle your ribs every time (laughter is indeed, the best medicine).

Suitable music has to be arranged for the particular movie as well as relevant & crystal clear sound-effects because these elements bring “life” to a movie in a number of ways (we have certainly come a long way from the days of the so-called “silent” movies).

Everyone is involved, right from the directors, to the producers, to the actors and actresses etc to contribute to the making of a motion picture. Everyone’s input is invaluable so that story-lines and /or themes are recreated and enacted to the best levels possible, harmoniously blending every aspect to finally screen to the world quality stuff, blockbusters that are given good reviews and previews by those in the know and are experts in this field.

To this effect therefore, strict deadlines have to be met for shooting of particular scenes, and just like in any other enterprise, rigorous discipline and hard work are required because movies are a serious business, just like any other. A Point worth mentioning here is that, just as pertains to the music industry, Intellectual rights are employed to protect the “blood, sweat & tears” that have been incorporated to produce a sterling movie. We must remember that these patents are vital because sad to say, among us are unscrupulous individuals who, given the slightest opportunity, would steal these works and use them for personal gratification or suffice to say make the most noble work look ignoble.

Movies: So?

So, the next time you watch movie actors/actresses of repute like Halle Berry, Angelina Jolie or even Val Kilmer, give them a round of applause for how they, together with all other concerned parties have tirelessly toiled to bring some worthwhile entertainment to the world: REAL SIGHTS TO BEHOLD.

We do need this diversion from time to time, don’t you think?How better to get these diversion that to  watch movies


Indeed movies are a sight to behold



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