Child Sexual Abuse:End The Silence

Child sexual abuse continues unabated in most parts of the country.

This problem is further compounded by the existing evidence which shows that children become more prone to child sexual abuse in the hands of  persons well known to them including

  • parents
  • siblings
  • relatives
  • neighbors

Child sexual abuse:Society’s reaction

Whilst the media have made efforts to highlight cases of child sexual abuse,in my view more is required.Reason being  that children are now being abused by people who are supposed to protect them or help them shape their destinies.

I have never understood why persons in authority over our children’s lives choose to violate children young enough to be their children or grandchildren.

Child sexual abuse: Where has the society failed?

“Details continue to unfold about the shocking scandal over allegations of child sexual abuse and cover-up at Penn State University. I think this is one of those “teachable moments” where other, similarly terrible incidents don’t usually get these same front-page headlines.

Some experts call child sexual abuse a national epidemic. The statistics they cite are startling: 20 percent of America’s children suffer sexual abuse, according to the National Institute of Justice; of those, 56 percent suffer that abuse at the hands of family members or people they trust and respect; the average pedophile abuses more than 100 children; and only 10 percent of perpetrators are ever exposed.”More on this at child sexual abuse

The author of the above article clearly points out how cases of sexual violence go unreported ,or little is done to expose

the  perpetrators of these offences.In most instances this is informed by:

  • the position and authority of the perpetrator in the society.It is “safer” to protect the reputation of these individuals than  health of the child concerned
  • the age  of the child .Most people don’t trust accounts given by children,so children hide from reporting till late when they either get pregnant or develop some mental/physical ailment
  • the limited support the child receives from his/her family upon sharing with them the ordeal they have been subjected to.They therefore choose to suffer in silence

In most instances,child survivors of sexual violence do not find support should they decide to report to the police or any other concerned parties.Parents have also found it problematic to support their abused children given the amount of stigma and ridicule they and their children will be subjected to by the society and those in authority.

As regards media reporting of such cases,many media houses have been known to sensationalize such occurrences by not doing much to provoke public outrage towards such cases.Some media houses have been found not eager to hide the identity of the children and/or families involved.This in turn subjects the concerned to public stigma.

I still do not understand

  • why the public remains so silent towards cases of child sexual abuse
  • why do we demonstrate outrage to hike in prices of  commodities,and not in cases of sexual violence against our children?

Child sexual abuse:Unanswered questions

I do have questions,that maybe you as the reader would help me answer:why child sexual abuse?

  • What is it that leads a teacher into  committing such a disgraceful act?child sexual abuse
  • why do these teachers destroy the innocence of children?
  • what do they stand to gain from the pain inflicted upon these children
  • what is the society doing to address cases of violence committed by teachers and religious leaders?

Child sexual abuse  can only be addressed if we all join hands to create a public outcry towards this vice

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