Child Abuse Facts

 Child Abuse Facts

Abuse of children  remains to be a problem that the society has either chosen to ignore or care less about.

World over there are repeated reports of children who have been subjected to one form of abuse or the other. The situation is more complex given that most of these cases are committed by persons who are well known to the child.

They include parents, siblings, neighbors, and/or teachers.

Child abuse Facts

One may thus ask, what does abuse of children entail?

In my view, child abuse takes various forms, as I will endeavor to describe below

1.      Emotional abuse:child abuse facts  from an emotional perspective

This happens when a child is subjected to emotionally depriving situations like:

  • Being verbally abused using derogatory  words
  • Parents shunning any physical contact with the child in an effort to demonstrate their love
  • Using abusive or threatening words when addressing the child

 2.      Child abandonment: child abuse facts  from a physical angle

This mostly occurs when parents fail to attend to the basic needs of a child by either being absent from their children’s lives or ignoring their child’s needs.

This form of child abuse occurs when parents place their needs above those of their children.

Child abandonment, also referred to as child neglect results in a situation where children are forced to take up duties otherwise meant to be undertaken by their parents.This they do as a means of safeguarding themselves.

Child abuse of this nature has been found to contribute largely to the number of juvenile delinquents in society

3.      Physical  abuse:  child abuse facts  from a disciplinary perspective

This form of child abuse happens when children are subjected to harsh punishment for mistakes or errors committed.

It mostly happens when children are subjected to physical injury under the disguise of discipline.

What is sad is that those who abuse children in this manner do not in any way consider themselves as abusers.

There are those who go a step further in justifying their actions by using a biblical statement, which states,”spare the rod spoil the child

In closing: Facts about child abuse that are a must know

  • Most prison inmates were abused in one form of the other during the childhood
  • Most child abusers are persons well known to the child
  • Many child abuse cases occur in environments where society expects the child to feel safe, e.g. homes and schools
  • 1 in 10 babies are born to parents with drug abuse problems
  • The larger a family in size, the more prone a child is exposed to emotional abuse

We should thus aim to eradicate all forms of child abuse based on  child abuse facts  presented above


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