How to prevent AIDS:What it involves

How to prevent AIDS is informed the question “Is AIDS preventable?”

It has been more that two decades since first case of HIV was discovered.

Much progress has been made to mitigate the effects of HIV and AIDS word over,in my view  we have not made much progress in addressing this disease.

Why you may ask?

Society continues to stigmatize persons living with HIV to a point where those infected loose on their social networks once they disclose their HIV status.

HIV as we all know by now can only be passed on in two ways:

  • acquisition; and
  • Transmission

What is HIV acquisition?:How to prevent AIDS acquisition

This is when someone who does not have the HIV virus  gets  infected by any of the following:

  • having intimate sexual relations with an infected person(s)
  • coming into contact with the body fluids of someone who already has HIV when you have a cut
  • sharing sharp objects like needles & razor  blades with infected persons

How  to prevent AIDS  acquisition by those HIV negative?

HIV does not have a cure,hence reason for those not infected to take measures to protect themselves from getting infected.

Some of the basic ways to prevent AIDS  acquisition by those HIV negative is by:

  • avoid sharing sharp objects with persons of unknown HIV status
  • avoiding sexual contact with HIV infected persons
  • staying faithful to one partner whose HIV status is also negative
  • avoiding receiving blood and blood related products from persons whose HIV status  is not clear
  • eating health diet so as to boost their immune system,which in turn boosts up their resistance to infections

What is HIV transmission ?:How to prevent AIDS transmission

HIV transmission occurs when an individual already infected with the virus passes it on to someone who is HIV negative.

HIV transmission occurs in the following scenarios:

  • an infected person has sexual contact with someone who is not infected
  • when an infected person donates his/her blood to save uninfected person
  • what an infected person shares  blood contaminated needles and other sharp objects with persons of unknown status
  • when an infected mother breastfeeds a newborn

The life cycle of HIV ends with one acquiring AIDS,which is referred to as  stage 4 of the disease.However not everyone with HIV develops AIDS. As such those already infected with HIV can follow the following tips on how to  prevent AIDS progression:

  •  refrain from having intimate relations with those already positive or of unknown status
  • seeking immediate medical attention for all any disease/infection
  • adhering to prescribed medication including ARVs
  • eating a balanced diet which helps lower the viral load in one’s bloodstream,in addition to boosting one’s immune system
  • either exclusively breastfeed newborns for 6 months with close supervision from a medic, or not breast feed at all

How to prevent AIDS : Key in mitigating effects of HIV

AIDS can only be prevented when those infected and uninfected by HIV take the necessary steps to prevent transmission and acquisition of AIDS.

The following precautionary measures should be taken by all:

  • avoid sharing sharp objects
  • using water based and not oil based lubricated condoms
  • going for HIV tests to know one’s status
  • using disposable needles and syringes
  • only receive blood for persons of known HIV status

In closing,all of us have a role to play in reducing the spread of HIV and AIDS

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