Supporting Teenagers Enrol in Addiction Treatment Centers

Addiction treatment does exist for all age groups

One of the greatest concerns parents have for their teen children, is whether they will get influenced at one point in life into abusing alcohol and any other drug substances. Reason being, research shows that most alcoholics and drug addicts get introduced into these habits through their social networks.

Parents whose children have fallen prey to these forms of addiction in most cases feel as though they have failed in their role as good models to their children. This however ought not be the case given that their exists alcohol treatment programs in many countries where individuals can receive the required treatment from addiction.

What happens in an addiction treatment center?

For us to best understand what happens in an addiction center, it will be good for us to first understand why addicts require rehabilitation therapy in order to overcome the adverse effects of alcohol.

Once alcohol enters one’s blood stream in large amounts, it is known to permeate the different body tissues and cells. This saturation depending with the frequency and magnitude of alcohol and drugs consumed gets to affect one’s body and mind. Prolonged abuse results in a situation where an individual’s body craves for more of these substances. This craving is what is referred to as alcohol/drug addiction, and it’s characterized by the following:

  • Inability to undertake daily activities before consuming certain amounts of these substances
  • Irritability that can only be controlled or managed upon inhalation/consumption of alcohol/drugs
  • Tolerance which results in one craving for more in order to experience some of its effects such as temporary excitement

Whilst some of the above may seem controllable at first,with time its proven that addicts get to a point where they:

  •  no longer experience the thrill associated with binge drinking;
  •  consume large quantities;
  • get mood swings if they fail to ingest alcohol/drugs
  • become easily irritated and violent
  • experience serious withdrawal symptoms like hallucinations,excessive sweating,lack of control over their body muscles,amongst others
  • loose their productivity in society
  • become infertile

Its due to the above effects that parents whose teenagers are already abusing alcohol should make efforts to enroll their children into a credible addiction treatment program.These programs go along way  in helping these teens to regain control over their lives,as they are the future drivers of world economies.

Choosing the right addiction treatment program

I would advice parents to look out for addiction treatment  services   or centers  that meet the following criteria:

  • are provided in a well managed center that is secluded to ensure privacy to all those admitted
  • run by professional and certified counselors and therapists
  • are  licensed by the local authorities
  • have a comprehensive program that not only focuses on detoxifying one’s body but also meets their other emotional and psychosocial needs.This program should have measurable goals
  • are affordable and of good repute
  • makes public its success stories with other addicts
  • have a buddy system in place to reduce stigma associated with addiction
  • the size of the group as this greatly informs the approaches used

In closing parents of  teenagers with addiction problems require parental support to overcome this,and how best to support them than have them enrolled in a credible addiction treatment center

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