Child abuse facts

Child abuse facts we should all know given that it include the following types:

  • physical abuse
  • emotional abuse
  • sexual abuse

Did you know the following child abuse facts 

  • One out of every six children gets abused before reaching the age of 12 years
  •  Most children are abused by persons well known to them?
  • Most child abuse cases rarely get reported?
  • Child abuse  results in long term effects manifested in and through adulthood?
  • Most perpetrators of child abuse were abused as children?
  • Child abuse takes the following forms: child neglect/abandonment, child sexual abuse, child maltreatment
  • Child abuse happens mostly in environments where people abuse alcohol and drugs
  • Child abuse is more prone to happen in large families with low economic power
  • Survivors of child abuse end up suffering from low self esteem in teenage and adulthood
  • At least every child dies in most countries as a results  of abuse
  • Child abuse is any act that results in emotional, physical or sexual injury to a child
  • Not all forms of child abuse are visible to the human eye
  • Not all child abusers are “bad people”, there are those who abuse children unintentionally

 The above child abuse facts are meant to enable anyone who knows of a child being abused to help them seek immediate help

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