We all need guardian angels.

Who are these guardian angels?Do  they really exist?

The Bible clearly states that “God HAS GIVEN HIS ANGELS TO KEEP CHARGE OVER US”

The life that we live is not always a straight line…things don’t always work out the way we want them to and  sometimes we find ourselves giving up along the way and becoming resigned to ……FATE!

It is at this point that we may sometimes ask ourselves why we have to go through tough episodes in our lives and whether there is a God who really cares about us.

Life story:

I once read the story of a lady who was faced with a lot of challenges. She had just lost her husband, and soon after was laid off from her well-paying job. She had four young children to take care of as well as a mortgage to settle. She also suffered a heart problem which necessitated the frequent buying of expensive medication so that it would not trouble her too much.

She began to despair, as she now had to watch every penny that she had.

Days became weeks, weeks turned to months, and a year went by without her finding another source of income. By this time, the housing finance institution to which she was making payments to offset the mortgage was threatening to auction some of her belongings as she could barely keep up with the monthly payments.

One night, she cried out to God in anguish…talking to Him one on one and her prayer, as I recall went something like this…..

“Dear Lord, I have come to you in my hour of need. You know the desires of my heart, and even before I put my appeal before you, you already know what keeps me awake at night long after my children have gone to bed. I am at my wit’s end, as all my friends have turned away from me, and you are the only one left who I can count on to walk with me and direct me through this very rough patch in my life. Lord, I need to have some sort of livelihood because who will take care of my little ones now? I am the one they look up to for their every need and I feel that I am on an island, all by myself with no one but you to cry out to- show me what to do Lord!”

Manifestation of a guardian angel:

A few weeks later, she received a call from one individual to whom she had done a great service to during the period that she was working asking her to see him at his new offices in a certain suburb of town. She immediately arranged for a suitable day and time, and went to see him.

He greeted her warmly and explained that they had opened up a new branch in their organization and that he was looking for a personal assistant. He further explained that he had seen the remarkable way that she had handled his affairs at the time when he had come to the previous organization in which she was then working and did not forget her.

She was so elated, and thanked him profusely for giving her this opportunity when she so badly needed one. It was as if God had sent a guardian angel to watch over her, and lift

Her up out of the murky depths of despair in which she was sinking. The good lady went ahead and prospered even beyond her wildest dreams.

Do you have a guardian angel?

We all have our “guardian angels” sent by the Almighty to watch over us and protect us. They appear in different ways, through people we may have met just once in our lifetimes or people we probably interact with frequently. A kind word to someone, a sympathetic ear lent to someone with a problem –“little” gestures of thoughtfulness and concern probably long forgotten could one day present themselves to us “tangibly” and transform our lives for the better.

Our Heavenly Father is forever watching over us, and we must never falter in our faith and in the belief that He will see us through every difficult situation.

Next time you walk in the streets of Nairobi,remember that you have angels watching over you.

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OUR  guardian angels are  watching over us  to prevent us  from hitting a stone.



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  • Kiflapstudies

    Yes..its true even in Islam that we have 2 angels who are with us always.The right one records our good deeds(Raqiib) the left one record our wrong doings(Atid)

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