Snoring: Existing remedial measures

Snoring is manifested through the sound produced during the vibration of an individual’s respiratory system due to difficulty in breathing. The main cause of snoring is the physical obstruction of airflow through the nose and mouth whilst an individual is sleeping. Other factors that can result in snoring include:

  • Obstruction of the nasal pathways
  • Uncontrolled throat muscles due to consumption of additives
  • Too many fat deposits around the throat in case of obese individuals
  • Poor sleeping position which may  result in one’s tongue blocking the back end of the mouth

Snoring: Is there hope?

There lacks any drug that can be administered for an individual to stop snoring, unless if the snoring is as a result of blocked nose which can be cleared through the use of nasal sprays. However, this doesn’t mean that those with this problem cannot be helped out, as they can go for a corrective surgery or adopt the following behavior change patterns:

  • Engage in exercises that will help in shedding off excess weight
  • Reduce on the level of fat intake through diet
  • Avoid taking muscle relaxing drugs like alcohol or antihistamines at bedtime
  • Sleeping on the side  as opposed to the back to prevent the tongue from slipping to the back of the mouth

The above can be used as snoring cures based on one’s choice and extremity of the situation.


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