Witty Kenyan Politicians: Inspire Learning

In one of the previous posts, I did indicate that anyone who wants to go into politics cannot do this without learning a thing or two from Kenyan politicians.

Why learn from Kenyan politicians?

It’s only in Kenya where you get a breed of people who either have no conscience or are just selfish. These people are more often than not concerned about their well being and that of their family. They will thus do whatever it takes to protect themselves and their “corruptly gained estates”.

There is no better way they can achieve this goal, than by joining Kenyan politics.

Those who have no back born for Kenyan politics will always look for a sycophant who they can sponsor to join other Kenyan politicians in the national assembly.

Majority of the Kenyan politicians are like chameleons, they change their stand with every passing wind. Hence reason why in Kenya there is common maxim that says,”There are no enemies in politics”.

This we all need to learn from Kenyan politicians, how not to burn bridges along our areas of influence. Given that your foe today can become your lifeline tomorrow.

Kenyan politician: what we can learn from them:

While I’m not that fond of Kenyan politicians, we can however learn certain things from them:

  • How God uses the foolish to shame the wise: we can all attest to the fact that not all  Kenyan politicians are learned, yet they make decisions for the wisest of them all in the land
  • The power of forgiveness: Very few politicians bear grudges against certain constituents given that come the election year, they  will go around asking for the same votes
  • That there is a season for everything under the sun: It therefore calls for the wise to understand the season so as to adapt the required strategy

In closing, Kenyan politicians should inspire us to pick that which is positive about them, as we also identify ways of becoming better leaders where God positions us

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