Mothers:Can we do without them?

Mothers:Can we do without them?

Where would we be without our mothers?Why did God give us mothers?

Mother,Mom,Mummy,Mama,Mum.These are the terms used to describe the most important women in our lives.Women who not only undergo abuse in some families for not conceiving ,but also  who have to undergo traumatic deliveries due to poverty or negligence by service providers.

We are our mothers’ pride

Taking a leisurely stroll in the park the other day, I noticed a group of children swinging. Their mothers sat a little mothersdistance from them, pride on their faces as they watched their little ones enjoy that simple pleasure that seemed to bring them so much joy.

Suddenly, one little girl accidentally slipped and fell off the swing and the first cry that sprang to her lips was “mother!”

It set me thinking, and not for the first time, about our mothers and how dear and precious they are to us.

Mothers gift

When was the last time you gave your mother a hug or even a smile of gratitude or appreciation for the countless things she does for you? Oh yes, I say COUNTLESS because there are numerous ways in which a mother influences all aspects of your life, right from the moment you are born, through childhood, adolescence and into the formative years of adulthood.

My own mother

Speaking on my own behalf, I cannot recall one single time that my mother was not there for me. She comforted me when I was terrified (yes, even of the dark!), soothed away the pain on my knees or hands with her gentle and reassuring touch when I had fallen, cooed lullabies to send me to sleep, and smiled at me in a loving tender way as we sometimes played games together. My mother would also spank me and caution me, though lovingly, when I did wrong so that I would not become wayward (we all know the proverbial “spare the rod and spoil the child”).

My mother’s resilience

My mother is what  I would describe as a “Tower of Strength”, for through her and within her emanates traits of motherfortitude, discipline, and the amazing ability to face life’s adversities with courage, hope and resilience. Every time I see her and talk to her about my own problems or situations that are depressing or stressing to me, she has her own “magic” way of lifting my flagging spirits and making those seemingly overwhelming problems appear trivial and easy to find solutions to. She has weathered a lot of storms in her life and emerged on the other side a stronger and wiser individual.

My mother also has the uncanny ability to detect, before I even tell my mother some of these problems but  being wise and tactful , will not immediately want to ferret out what is bothering me at once. Rather, she will prefer to wait until such time that I am ready to talk to her about it, unless of course the particular situation is so critical as not to warrant delayed action. My mother will otherwise give me brief, inquiring looks suggesting that she is all too aware that all is not rosy in her daughter’s world. She will probably then pat my shoulder or give me  a reassuring smile because she knows that, sooner rather than later, I will open up to her and take her into my confidence about whatever it is that is gnawing away at my “insides”.

“Momma” as I fondly refer to her, is very industrious and hardworking. From early morn to late at night she will be as busy as a bee going about her daily activities cheerfully and enthusiastically and it amazes me to see the boundless energy she has in her. I will be quick to add though, that when I go to visit her, I do my part in helping her as much as possible for I do not like to see her do too much and would want to make her load a little lighter, being the one and only daughter she has. In so doing, I would be “giving just a little bit back” to her for her selflessness, chivalry and thoughtfulness and not just for me personally, but for all others around her.

My  mother

My MOTHER is my number one mentor, a beacon of light that radiates all that is truly sincere, good and true. She has made me what I am today and I’m truly proud of her for that. At the expense of not appearing to exaggerate her true worth, I really don’t know whether I could make that kind of mother toward my own offspring. God grant me the ability to even come close!

Mothers are the Pillars of Society; great moulders of moral fabric within families (nuclear, extended, etc) and societies at large. We must pay tribute to them, not just on that special day set aside for them   (known as “Mother’s Day”) but as often as we can so that they too, can get to know how dear we hold them, how much we appreciate them, and above all else, how much we LOVE & HONOR them for what they do so tirelessly, patiently and tolerantly for all of us.

I SALUTE YOU MOTHER and every other mother in this world for without you I really dare not envisage what kind of existence each of   us would be experiencing because, as they say “Everybody’s Somebody’s baby”!!

Mothers:Can we do without them? The answer is “No”

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