Kenya Elections 2012/13

Kenya elections

As we approach the next general elections, I still have a question that worries me,” how prepared are we as country for this exercise?”

Most of the political elitists seem not concerned with the above question. No wonder many of them are hopping from one town to the other selling their election agenda with no focus on how to prevent the reoccurrence of the scenes witnessed in 2007/8.

 Kenya elections and politics

Kenya as a country is always in a campaigning mode right from when new leaders are sworn into parliament.

I’m yet to come across a leader who has spent the better part of this year highlighting the achievement made during their term of office.

Instead there are many who have openly come out to declare their candidature for high posts in the land with no shame at all.

Take the example of  an MP who despite having control over millions of shillings in the CDF kitty, has not even taken time to use some of the monies to even  have shelters constructed at the some of the paces reserved for bus stops; or even repair some of the road like Kangundo that is full of potholes

Hence reason why in Kenya, politics and elections cannot be addressed in isolation

 What ought to be done before 2012/13  Kenya elections:

Citizens of this blessed country have to  arise to the occasion by  electing leaders with the following:

  • Clear vision for the constituencies they aim to represent
  • Electing leaders who have clean development records in whatever capacity they have served
  • Clear road maps  on how they intend to implement their manifestos
  • Clear ideas on how they will engage with other countries as we do not want to end having leaders who sell Kenya off  for their own vested interests
  • whose standing with God is public knowledge-as we don not want a leader who will call for the removal of prayer from our schools

In line with this,its upon us as a country to arise and  protect the future generation by making wise decision in this years Kenya elections

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