Raila as president:What it will take?

Latest developments in Kenyan politics have makes one wonder whether Raila as president to be  needs media experts.

Raila as president?

The Right honorable, the prime Minister, Raila Odinga has continued to make  negative public utterances or fail to comment on certain matters of national importance.

I’m not sure why this is the case, is it because he lacks media experts  to offer him  tips on how to present himself not only as populist leader, but a national leader?

In the past, Raila was considered to engage constructively in certain debates, in a manner that made Kenyans consider him as one who if made a president, would help bring change to Kenya. This public perception was best manifested through the opinion polls that showed him as the preferred presidential candidate.

The same cannot be said of him now, given the decline in his rating, as per the opinion polls. This in my view can be attributed to the following:

  • His failure to engage and retain members within his party despite where they fail to see eye to eye on certain issues of national interest
  • Always crying foul whenever the President fails to consult with him, but never giving credit to the president whenever  he is consulted on anything
  • Having people from his tribe accompany him in all meetings and defending him even on matters where decisions could have been made otherwise
  • Inability to connect with the needs of the people. Case in point the IDPS who have stayed out in the cold for close to 5 years, yet the rich continue to hold huge tracks on undeveloped land. The PM has done nothing about this

 Raila as president: what next?

Despite all the above, Raila as president material still has a potential to lead this country if he does the following:

  • Allows democracy to prevail in his party
  • Learn to work with individuals who hold divergent views
  • Shed off some his cronies as they don’t add value to his bid
  • Clearly share with Kenyans what his agenda is as regards education, the economy, foreign affairs, development, and agriculture


Above all the candidature of Raila as president   is all dependent on what God has planned for this country in terms of leadership

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Kenya wants peace

  • Izakiaa

    Very true i dont think raila has any plans for the suffering masses of kenya people. We should be carefull this man is indeed not agood person at heart. Avery bitter man full of revenge agender towards kikuyus and kalenjin but he wont succeed we will block him from being the president by not voting for him.

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