Kenyans want change


As we approach the next elections,it is emerging that Kenyans want change.However,i do not know the degree of change they want.

A recent poll undertaken by the United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women,indicated the willingness of 47% of Kenyans being willing to vote for a female president,while 82 %  would vote in women in other positions of leadership.

I’m not however sure how many of us will actually out this on the ballot boxes.Its all about resistance to change

Do Kenyans want change really?

From media reports and the politicking going on,one can clearly see that ,”Kenyans want change”

However,few  of us are willing to endure what it takes in effecting change.

I recently scrolled through a book by RAY PRITCHARD ,where he stated that:

“Everyone wants progress. No one wants change.” …… but no one wants things to change.

Why do Kenyans want change but at the same time do all it takes to oppose it.According to Ray,it is because:

  • Change propels us out of our comfort zone.
  • Change forces us out of our ruts.
  • Change destabilizes our routine.
  • Change challenges our priorities.
  • Change disrupts our plans.
  • Change causes us to ask new questions and seek new answers to old questions.
  • Change introduces us to a whole new set of problems.
  • Change opens the door to exciting opportunities.
  • Change stretches us in ways we don’t want to be stretched.
  • Change upsets the apple cart.
  • Change kicks us out of the recliner.
  • Change rearranges our daily schedule.

While kenyans realize the value of change,it is necessary to  realize that we need to be committed to seeing the change we desire to have

To those aspiring to be leaders in Kenya

I do hope that your dream is not just pegged on  selfish ambition or the desire to plunder the country.

May you aspire to be a leader who will help kenyans achieve the change we  want in :

  • our schools
  • infrastructure
  • health system
  • job recruitment and placement processes in government
  • freedom of worship,amongst others

Change in general is good ,as one author clearly said,”its only a mad person who does things in the same manner,yet continues to expect the same results”

To all those who have started campaigning,remember that Kenyans want change

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