Purpose to never give up

Today, i seek to encourage you out there,no matter your situation,purpose to never give up on God

Life presents us with situations for which we have no control.The onus rests with us on whether to press on or give up.

As many say,when given a lemon,one needs to look for ways of converting it into lemon juice.There are however those of us who will choose to focus more on the bitterness of the lemon.

The same applies to us each and every day.We have to decide on the perspective from which we will view our circumstances.

Purpose to never give up

Given that God did not promise us a  life without challenges,we  therefore need to constantly depend on him for the grace to press on despite the valleys and mountains we encounter.

Before starting any venture or journey,we have to purpose  to never give up no matter the difficulties we might encounter.

We also need to remember that there are those around us who might want to discourage us from pressing on.We have to dissociate from such.

This is best illustrated through one athlete,Derek Redmond from England who had won several awards and wasn’t expecting anything different from the 1992  Olympic games.

During the race,approximately 250m away from the finish line,he experienced a hamstring injury.A hamstring is the tendon that attach the large muscle at the back of the thigh to the bone.It controls the movement of the thigh backward.As such any such injury makes it hard for one  walk,run,jump or climb.

This is what Derek experienced,but choose to  never give up,but press on to the finishing line

External influences: never give up

Derek’s dad joined him on the tracks to dissuade him from hurting himself further.But Derek choose to never give up by limping towards the finishing line.

His father decided to support him,as our heavenly father would do when we go through  painful moments in our lives.

Derek was able to finish the race to a standing ovation from the audience.

The bible says that there is a crowd of witnesses watching every move we make,hence need to make choices that will enable us receive the crown set for us

We have to constantly believe every promise given to  us by God that:

  • he will never leave us nor forsake us.
  • no one can shut the doors he opens for us
  • he level every mountain and fill up every valley in our lives

Whatever your situation,choose to never give up by surrounding yourself with people who will help you fulfill your destiny.

Whatever the frustrations you might be experiencing in your  family,workplace,business,relationships,amongst other,purpose to never give up,because He who called you,is faithful to see you through every such situation.

As the Bible says,after all this choose to stand by vowing to never give up.

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