Finishing strong: What Men Are called to

This weekend i attended a couples meeting where emphasis was placed on  the need for men to lead a life that will help them in  Finishing strong in the race before them.

Finishing strong can be understood from diverse perspectives,like:

  • from a salvation perspective: crossing the finish line to achieve the crown of life through persevering faith
  • family perspective: not aging in poverty despite  having lived a prosperous life
  • marriage: aspiring to have a strong and productive relationship with your spouse as you age gracefully

Men of today: Challenges

We have seen the emergence of “pink men” as Pastor Mbevi would call them.

These are men whose all lives  have been modeled by women who have at one point or the other nurtured these men.There are those who end up being  referred to as “sissies”.

We can all attest to the fact that right from birth to   lower primary,most of the individuals entrusted with the responsibility of taking care of children,the male child included are women,or should i say ladies.

The boy child has thus been at times forced to witness or observe what ladies do  during their free time,including  braiding,pedicure,manicure,etc.

It is no surprise to see our teenage boys and young adult men gravitate towards  the same practices they have seen the ladies in their lives engage in.

It is no wonder,that such men when they get married  no longer see :

  • the need of toiling hard to provide for their families,when the woman can also go out and get a job
  • why its only the women who should invest in their outward appearance
  • why they  should not become “house wives” as their wives go out to work

This is a challenge as today’s man cannot persevere through hard situations,but will instead look for an easy way out.

No wonder women have lost faith in men as the heads of the homes,and have resorted to raise their children “single-handedly”.

Finishing strong: What men were called to

God had a specific order in mind when he created man and woman.

It is therefore necessary for the men to trace back their roots by identify what they have been called by God to do on behalf of their families.

I will therefore highlight  four  key things that will enable men finish strong as good role models to their families:

  • Finishing strong 1: Priest

Priests in the old days were mediators between God and man.They were entrusted with the responsibility of speaking to God about man.

All the men out there ought to realize that it is their responsibility to uphold their families in prayer as priests

  • Finishing strong 2: Prophet

There is a scripture in the Bible which says that,”God will reveal stuff to HIS servants the prophets before they happen”

Ideally,men were to be mouthpieces of God in the family.Sadly this is not the case as many men,as heads of the families have lost their connection with God. This is caused by the pressures of life,that have made men to become money and not God chasers

  • Finishing strong 3: Protector

Men are required to be a shield to their wives and children

However,there are those who have abdicated  this role to the women in their lives.It is not strange to find a man seated at home and doesn’t budge when a visitor knocks at night.He instead expects the wife do so like the frog in the picture below

  •  Finishing strong 4: Provider

The woman was created a man’s helper.But this is no longer the case as men now demand equal partnerships with their wives in providing for their families.

There are men who are even known not  to look for any substantial jobs that would enable them provide for their families.There are those who even depend on their wives for transport and upkeep,whilst there are those who stay in houses  put up by  their wives

In order for men to finish strong,they need to ask God for wisdom on how best to discharge this responsibility.

In Closing:Men finishing strong

Share this with all the men in your life as you join me in praying for them that God’s grace many abound.So that our husbands and sons are able to lead lives that make them have a desire of Finishing strong in that which God has called them to do.

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