Kenya Needs God

Kenya needs God

As a nation,Kenya  Needs God,with focus on all that is happening around us.

Why is it that Kenya Needs God?

The Bible clearly says,”Unless the Lord watches over a house,the watchmen do so in vain”. Kenya has for a very long time taken certain things either for granted or casually.

For example,

  • what would someone make of the current strikes within the public sector?
  • who cares about the helpless  parents whose children will be sitting for a national exam next month,despite not having attended school since September?
  • Who will take responsibility over the increasing number of families that are watching their sick ones suffer in hospitals or at home,given that those who swore to protect human life are out on the streets?
  • Who in the country can be used as God’s mouthpiece towards the fulfillment of scripture that ” i will do nothing without revealing it to my servants the prophets?
  • Where do the hurting turn to,when some places of worship have been turned into dens of robbers?

I do not have answers to any of the above,save for the Word of God that clearly says,”Righteousness exalts a nation,but sin is a reproach”

Kenya Needs God now more than ever

The leadership  of this country ought to take a stand against certain trends that violate the principles of justice and fairness. We cannot continue having few people benefit at the expense of the masses at whatever level.

Having voted in a constitution that clearly outlines our human rights, every Kenyan ought to arise and create an environment that does not propagate  suffering;but instead enable us live in harmony and peace.

Kenya needs God now more than ever,for the sake of not just the old,and young,but also for the future generations

I do not believe that any of us can make it without God,  and  no matter how grim the  present may look,there is hope to them to believe in Christ.

If God was able to use a donkey to speak His oracles,he can definately use Kenya to  birth peace within and outside our borders.

In closing,join me in  spreading this message far and wide: Kenya NEEDS GOD.

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