What is so musical about music?

What is musical about music?

By Mary Valai

Musical about musicMusic  is both an art and a science.Musical sounds can be used to communicate any message.Did you know that music is a universal  language

Ever wondered what is so musical about music?

what is so musical about music?

I witnessed a group of people congregated together at a certain function. They had actually gathered together to raise funds for a charitable cause through song and dance.It was all about music,music,music,and more music.

One by one each came to the dais to present his/her piece. Their music was versatile, ranging from soft, soothing, mellow ballads to the more rhythmic, passionate and gut-tearing crescendos.

As they sung, they poured all their hearts and souls into their music, leaving all and sundry enthralled and deeply moved by the harmonious ensemble of their clear, pure voices blending in with the varied musical instruments.

Music unifies

It was, and still is, a night that I will not forget, for I witnessed people of different races, ethnicities and backgrounds come together to make music. I WITNESSED UNITY OF PURPOSE.

From time immemorial, music has served the purpose of soothing the heart and soul, relaxing the senses and expressing sentiments, feelings and an assortment of messages depicting real-life and/or imaginary situations. It is a language all its own, traversing whole ethnic groups and multicultural boundaries.

Music,music,music,and more music, who can live without it.Musicians like Jeniffer Lopez have released albums which  are sung by people regardless of their differences in opinions

Music and culture:

Different cultures uphold different musical styles

I will cite the example of the Afro-Americans who, through their Negro spirituals, expressed their need for equality and recognition as worthwhile human beings as at that time, they were being suppressed by the white man. These spirituals unified them holistically and gave them fortitude to live another day under the yoke of oppression and slavery. The spirituals have formed a rich and integral part of their heritage and cultural values.

The black peoples of Africa also used music to sound war cries and consequently prepare their warriors psychologically for battle, for more sombre occasions such as funerals and joyous occasions such as weddings, birth of a newborn or even during initiation.

The Red Indians too, passed on their messages through their chants and accompanying drum beats, whether of a light-hearted nature or impending disaster within their own cultural setting.

A voice for the “voiceless”

More recently, music has been used as a voice-piece for the “voiceless” to tell the world of the need to come to the assistance of the under-privileged, impoverished and disadvantaged amongst us so that their lives would change for the better in whatever way.

It has been used to praise God, to express satisfaction or dissatisfaction about say, the way people are being governed, to speak out against social vices facing the world today and a host of other sentiments.

Music can add power to the expression of ones’ inner thoughts,frustrations,delights….The list is endless.

Types of Music

These include: Classical,jaz,rock, gospel, lullabies,lingala,afro-fusion,blues,and the list goes on and on.

Different groups of people prefer certain types of music.Even the birds of the air make musical noises.

Value of Music

Society has utilized music for several purposes:

  • Music as a therapy:used during massage sessions,yoga
  • Entertainment and relaxation
  • Education:Especially at nursery level
  • Worshiping God
  • Celebrations:during harvesting,at birth,etc
  • Mourn:where artists compose funeral dirges

Why Music?

Therefore, whether it is a funeral dirge, a rock, rhythm & blues lyric or even a classical piece that one chooses to listen to, ultimately each type of music evokes within an individual a certain response, an awareness as well as a multitude of emotions that one would otherwise not experience if the world of music, as we know it, would be non-existent.

We all need to have a song to sing in life.We don;t need to be artists in order to sing or compose songs.By the way i could even compose a song about face book,chapati,etc like some of the Kenyan artists.

That’s why people like certain musicians,as they only sing on matters that touch their hearts.

What Next?

Next time as you shower,walk,run,soothe a baby,try and employ some melody in your speech.Who knows some artist near you may just transform your song into the next hit

The following are 5 tips on how to compose a song:

  • choose a topic to write on depending on your daily experiences
  • go to the bathroom and turn your shower on
  • start piecing words together
  • sing this in your head over and over again
  • stage a live performance to your family
  • write  the lyrics down
  • post your hit on you tube to get  comments from people
  • you might just turn out to be the Jennifer Lopez,Alvin Slaughter of this generation

We all have an ear for this musical language.

I do hope that this article has finally shed light on what is so musical about music

BY: MARY.K.VALAI ( Author of Musical about music)


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  • I like your strength girl. Move on an keep going, you will make it if you try!

  • Such a good reading on music.Music is really sabuni ya roho.

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