Kenya’s New Leadership: Hon. Uhuru and Ruto

Its now 3 months from when Kenya’s new leadership came into office.

While Hon.Uhuru and Ruto have so far embarked on  handling affairs of the nation with zeal and giving emphasis on merit,there is need for them to take a sit to analyze how the previous presidents carried out themselves.

Reason being,this analysis will help them establish the strengths and weaknesses of previous regimes so as to chart a way forward as Kenya’s new leadership.

Kenya’s new leadership: Tips

Allow me to share some tips that these two leaders can use:

  • let God be your guide because He says is His word that “the secret things belongs to Him” and that “He will reveal His secrets to His PROPHETS
  • Believe God to raise amongst the Kenyan populace a prophet who hears from God.This will enable the two leaders  have amongst their advisers prophets who hear GOD
  • on security matters,there is no need of grilling the police in full glare of the media guys.Some things can be well executed if these leaders realized that they don’t need to have their briefings with different GoK offices with the media present,as though to prove to Kenyans that they are working. On March 4th ,Kenyan’s voted them in and  gave them the right to exercise their mandate as per the provisions enshrined within the constitution
  • remember the promises  they made as regards prioritizing the needs of women  and youth

To Kenya’s new leadership,i pray the God may give you divine wisdom to better govern the nation like King Solomon did

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