An African Woman

An AFRICAN WOMAN:Who can match up with her?

There is a song that speaks of an African woman being a beautiful woman……..

I totally agree with this

Why is this so?

An African woman is not only beautiful but resourceful in ways more than one.

African Woman:

an african womanWithin our Kenyan context, society has transformed the perception of women on what their gender roles are.

During the times of our fore fathers, African women were regarded to be house makers and child bearers. This meant that all they had to do was to sit at home waiting for their men to bring food.

It is rare to find  such African women are rare to find. This   is due to a myriad of factors

Men and misplaced priorities

Our society has neglected the role played by elders in nurturing the male child on how to be responsible as children, husbands, fathers and bread winners

In our present day, it is not strange to find man who expects his wife to cater for all the household expenses, while he idles around watching a football match.

An African woman married to such a man has to contend with the fact that she is  married to a  man with misplaced priorities. They thus have to look for ways of earning a living.Here is where the ingenuity of an African woman comes in.

In Kenya today, it is not hard to find mothers who have given themselves to prostitution just to ensure that their children eat, have clothes and attend schools. Would you blame your mother is you found out that she had to engage in prostitution for you to become who you are? I guess not! This is one of the factors that have increased in particular the African women’s vulnerability to infections like HIV/STIs.Hence the reason why HIV infection rates in Africa remain high

This scenario is also repeated when we see African women enroll for extra classes so as to get promotions at the workplace and a better pay. Some men have been found to despise women who are career focussed. They however forget that had they taken up their role of being responsible husbands, fathers and breadwinners seriously, maybe their wives would have gladly sat home to take care of the quiver in their basket.

The resilience of an African woman

The African woman is not known to give up or not venture in fields that are predominantly meant for men.

While seeking to provide for her family where husbands have failed, African women have ventured into careers that once dominated by men. This is not different for Kenyan  African women

  • Orie Rogo Manduli-became the 1st woman/female rally driver in Kenya
  • Charity Ngilu-was the 1st ever female/woman presidential contender in Kenya
  • Martha Karua-the 1st female/ woman of justice in Kenya
  • Justice Kalpana Rawal-the 1st female lawyer  to  enter into private practice
  • Ellen Johnson Sirleafthe 1st female  president in Africa
  • The list goes on and on…

    Industrious  African woman

    An African,and Kenyan woman for that matter is very industrious. Visit the different sectors and let me know which sector has not been infiltrated by women.

    Take a look at most of of our roads,wont  you not find women hawking anything from fruits to  vehicle accessories(something that many of them are not experts in)

    Visit today’s investments scheme and you will find majority of the investors are women

    Visit many academic institutions,tell me who are the majority between  male and female students?

    To the Men out there:

    It is  up to you to treasure the women in your life or to continue neglecting them.But on the judgment day,you will be judged according to how to  handled the treasure God gave  you.The bible clearly says,that “he who finds a wife,finds a good thing and obtains favor from the Lord”.Men you are required to  love your wife as Christ loves the church.Do not allow your ego to hinder you from being the best  husband and father as God intended.

    Indeed the African woman is not only a beautiful woman,but an industrious one for that matter.

    To the woman reading the article,strive to be the woman described in Proverbs 31

    To the men out there,take time to love and honor your woman.










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