Shopping for a Wedding

Shopping for a wedding:How to avoid going crazy

This need not be a disaster but an adventure.

To most people,a wedding happens only once.

Hence the reason why people  do crazy stuff  whilst  shopping for a wedding.


Poor shopping for a wedding can make one go crazy.

Ever wondered why certain couples spend more money than others while shopping for a wedding?It could be when shopping for wedding dresses,gowns,etc

I have asked myself this question severally.How do we protect couples from shopping for a wedding without factoring in their available budget?

shopping for a weddingIt is even more disturbing when the bride and groom in question fall within the least  economic strata. This scenario is worse in Kenya, where people seek to out do each other in weddings in terms of the total budget. Do these couples ever imagine that the craziness attached to wedding can make them loose the sparkle on their wedding day?Individuals have been known to get loans or do mini-fund raising events to raised money for their weddings. All these are informed by the new trends which revolve around:

  • Wedding dresses
  • Wedding cake
  • Wedding guests and invitations
  • Bridesmaids dresses
  • Wedding ceremony
  • Flowers
  • Honey moon destination
  • …….……………….

The list is endless…..

It is simply not advisable for one to burden relatives or friends with matters regarding financing a wedding. Marriage is a union between two people; hence the bride and groom are required to do proper planning for their wedding.Proper wedding planing techniques should be employed by all.Money is a key factor when it comes to shopping for a wedding .

My conclusion for this kind of socio-economic behavior has and still is that most of the brides and grooms don’t know how  to shop for their wedding dresses,cake,venue,planner,etc, and more so without running into financial and social debts. Matters regarding  shopping for a wedding are never looked at in the context of the budget. Certain wedding traditions should also be abolished completely.

Shopping for a wedding need not be a hustle-one can make it as enjoyable as she or he would want it to be. There are several wedding tools that one can use in shopping  for a wedding

Shopping   for a wedding:How to?

Below are some of the tips that all couples can use to enable them enjoy shopping  for a wedding:

1)      Start shopping for  a wedding  gown, bridal wedding dresses, wedding accessories, and wedding planner early

2)      Identify  shopping malls  or wedding shops where  certain items e.g. wedding cakes, jewelery, shoes, and invitation cards are being offered at discounted rates

3)      Ask family members or friends to chip in by bringing certain things. For example, a family can pull together their plates to be used in serving the guests. The couple will then only be required to buy cutlery for the high table wedding guests.

4)      When shopping for a wedding venue, get one that has enough space for the wedding ceremony, reception, and parking for the guests

5)      Book your honeymoon destination in advance, especially if you  are planning to wed during high tourist season

6)      Get a wedding planner who offers an all inclusive wedding package. This will keep the bride and groom from using different providers

7)       Work within your budget

8)       Ask the bridesmaids to buy their clothes, shoes and accessories. All you will be required to do will be to buy the clothing materials for the bridal team from a wholesale shop.

Wedding planners therefore need to factor in the above when working with brides. Look for a wedding planner who will also offer the following for free as part of the service to be offered:

  • People to take care of the reception
  • Wine or a soft drink to be taken by the couple as they cut the cake
  • A free guest list book

Shopping for a wedding  photographer:

When shopping for a wedding  photographer, look for one who besides just taking photos, will also shoot a video. The video should be downloaded on a CD. Look for a photographer who will:

  • Give you the photos alongside their negatives
  • Give you a big free album
  • Whose photography skills are unquestionable

Gone are the days when people needed to have wedding committees to advice them on everything pertaining to the wedding.

Shopping for  a Wedding Planner

When shopping for  a wedding planner, always consider the following:

  • Their experience in this field
  • Their previous clients
  • Their service fee
  • Location
  • Resources at their disposal
  • Their understanding of the cultural background of the couple

Once the above are carefully considered, one can then gladly dedicate their time to look for avenues through which they can shop wisely for the other stuff.

Shopping for a wedding no longer needs to be a dread to any couple

I do believe that the above article brings forth the key factors to be considered so as to help couples shopping for a wedding to avoid going crazy.

Start planning early for your wedding only then can  your shopping for a wedding become  a joy.

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Women and Shopping

  • Weddings come with a myriad of details and shopping needs. It may look like such an uphill task but it is very possible to go through it all hustle free. A bit of planning, a lot of patience and all the help you can get will get you there. Great article!

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