Relationship:Are you Mr/Miss Right or Mr/Miss Right Now?

What defines you in the relationship you are in  ?

How do you define yourself in your current relationship?Are you “Mr/Miss Right” OR “Mr/Miss Right Now?”.

Men and women were created to be companions. In the beginning, God made man to take care of His creation. He however saw that it was not good for man to be alone. This led to Him create for him a companion in the form of a woman.

MR- MISS RIGHT NOWIt is therefore strange to find someone on this earth who is not in any form of relationship. People enter into whatever relationship for diverse reasons, key being for companionship. There is a common saying that “man is not an island”.

Other than those who are not permitted to enter into marriage unions like Catholic priests, majority of us always look for people to enter into relationships with for pleasure or for marriage.

Hence the question:

Where do you fall in your current relationship?

Are you Mr/Miss Right or Mr/Miss Right Now?

Why is it important for you to find out whether you are Mr/Miss Right or Mr/Mrs Right now?

It is paramount for you to establish this so as to define your levels of engagement with whoever you are in a relationship with.

This realization will help reduce most of the frustrations people are experiencing in relationships. Delayed realization could be considered to be one of the factors why many married couples are not satisfied in their relationships; why there is an increase in single parents; increased intimate partner violence, among others.

In line with this frustration plus guilty feelings of having got involved  in a relationship with the wrong person, many of those in such relationships choose to remain therein for the sake of their children or for fear of being ostracized by the society. While this may seem to be a solution, in the long run these frustrations in relationships could and have led people into making wrong lifelong decisions.

Hardly a month goes by in Kenya without the media reporting on fathers who hacked their families to death; mothers who beat their children mercilessly as a way of venting out their anger. We are now seeing a case where children are abusing their siblings due to the failure of parents to act as role models.

Hence the need for you to analyze the kind of relationship you are in.

What do these terms mean?

I will take this opportunity to give my own understanding of these types of relationships

  • Mr/Miss Right:

These are mostly persons who are in the relationship for the long haul. These individuals always look forward to settling down as married couples. In most cases, people who enter into such relationships always analyze their partners’ attributes in terms of “whether their partner is a husband or wife material?”

  • Mr/Miss Right Now

These are individuals who are in a particular relationship to fulfill their immediate needs. That is, it is a “here and now” kind of relationship. This is the kind s of relationship where people rarely define their parameters of engagement. Those involved never have a clear idea of where the relationship is headed to.Each of the party involved in this kind of relationship in most cases has his/her own hidden agenda-this could be sexual, monetary, etc. Could this be the reason why certain men and women in the society are branded as “players”? Players are those people who are either in several relationships with several Mr/Miss right now’s, or easily ditch their current partner for another..

It is these unclear boundaries that have seen an increase in divorce rates for people who mistake the individual they are relating with now to THEIR MR/MISS RIGHT

How do you define yourself in the relationship you are in?

Your comments on this  topic “relationship” are welcomed.

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