Men:Why care for your Health?

Men: Why care for your health?

Why do men always assume that they must be “MACHOISTIC” in every way possible?

Is this because of the way society perceives men especially in so far as their health is concerned?

When was the last time that you heard of a man who rushed to the hospital because of a headache?

By the way,who  bears the blame for raising up men to behave like this?

Let us not blame our fathers, brothers and even sons for this. We are responsible for this trend. This however does not mean that we should encourage this trend among the current generation of men.

Facts on Health:Men

Below are some facts that would make the men in our society think twice before ignoring their health:

·         Did you know that through regular health checks, certain terminal diseases like cancer and diabetes can be recognized early and treated? Its through one of these check ups that Hon. A. Nyong’o was able to discover that he had prostate cancer, for which he sought timely treatment.

·         Did you know that by taking care of your health as a man you are directly ensuring that your children will not be deprived of a father at a young age?

·         Did you know that its only at the hospital that you and your wife can get most reliable information about  HIV/AIDS, Family planning, good  nutrition, etc

·         Did you know that your children have the ability of looking at you as a role model? So if you are not in good shape, who would your children look up to?

·         Did you know that majority of the illness men have can be managed through regular check-ups and advice?

·         Did you know that there is a rise in cases of prostrate and breast cancer? If yes, what are you doing to protect your self from this? Are regular hospital check ups elements of your prevention plan?

Next time you have that headache, please remember that your family needs you.Being a man does and should not in any way hinder you from accessing health care.

As the old adage goes “prevention is better than cure”.

When it comes to your health, the saying, “think before you leap “doesn’t apply

To the men out there ,good health is your entitlement in life.


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