Shopping for a Childs’Toys:Tips

Shopping for a child’s toys? Tips

Most of us always think that the best gift to buy for any child is in the form of a toy. Reason being, when it comes to toys, one doesn’t have to know the size of the baby in question.

People buy toys for varied reasons, e.g. birthday gift, as a reward, to appease them, or to make them feel loved. Whatever the reason, one needs to put several factors into consideration when shopping for toys.

Rarely do people take time to establish whether the toy they have selected is appropriate given the age of the child plus the materials used to manufacture these toys. There is need for one to check this out, hence the reason why manufactures of those cheap toys from China take time to have warning labels on their toys.

For example: Not suitable for children under 2 years”

Tips on the type of toys one can buy for a child less than 2 years?

1.      Educational Toys

These could include the following:

  • Books with musical sounds at the flip of every page
  • Plasticine for modeling
  • Big building blocks
  • Musical instruments e.g. small tambourine, drum set etc
  • Book with colored photos to stir up their imagination
  • Drawing books for the child to exercise some creativity
  • Jigsaw puzzles
  • Doctors kit
  • Cooking kit

2.       Stuffed animals

These should be selected whilst keeping in mind the color of the teddy bear Vis-à-Vis the gender of the child. You don’t want to buy a pink teddy bear for a boy child.

Given the low prices tagged on these items, always avoid shopping for too many of these stuffed animals lest your house becomes a museum of teddy bears.

In this current generation, one could just establish the child’s favorite cartoon character on TV, and then buy for the child a teddy bear that resembles the cartoon. This is a money saving tip.

Teddy bears also provide a soothing feeling to some children, as they like to carry these around or even share a bed with them. Hence the need for you to buy a teddy bear that is proportionate to the size of the child in question

3.       Toy vehicles

These include things like toy salon cars, tractors, airplanes, buses, just to name a few.

When choosing this type of gift always:

  • Avoid buying  toys with very small parts that can be easily swallowed by the 2 year old
  • Look for those toys whose different components  do not easily fall off
  • Avoid buying electrical toys for  a two year old
  • To add onto  the thrill-you can instead look for battery operated  toy vehicles, but ensure to completely seal the battery component

4.       Balls

Useful in promoting physical activity outside the house. These balls come in various sizes. Ensure that you choose the right size in addition to buying the requires pressure pump.

Avoid buying those “hard” balls as they can inflict pain instead of joy on the child.


boy and teddy beargril-doctorjiggsaw puzzles





All the above gifts can be purchased from any toys store.

What next?

Having bought all the above plus many more ,what happens NEXT?

Even as you encourage the child to use his/her toys,always remember that its your responsibility to teach them how to store these.

How best  can you do this?

Obviously by you buying them a storage box or shelf.



Note: Always ensure to have an adult around whenever a child in playing with any  of their  toys.

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