The Intrigues of The Kenyan Politician

Kenyan politicians never cease to amaze me.It is even strange how they all seem to  have common understanding that is contrary from that of the general public,

It is however not east for one to become a politician in Kenya,especially if you are not well connected.

Becoming a politician?

Being a politician in Kenya is a life long investment.Intrigues of Kenyan Politicians

Ever thought of why people strive to become politicians in Kenya?

Why politicians never want to retire unless they loose an election or…….?

Why majority of the politicians never disclose their wealth

If yes, this article seeks to shed more light on this.

Entry into Politics:

People always aspire to become politicians in Kenya because of the following reasons:

  • Wealth generation

Its only by being a member of the Kenyan parliament that one get direct access to the taxpayers contribution. This can be through the huge untaxed salaries, the CDF funds being managed by MPs and their kin, getting tips from any public tenders that are on offer, being bribed by the public for whatever reasons etc.

It is said that the Kenyan politician is the highly paid in this world. This being the case, what would then stop one from striving to occupy such a position?

  • To cover their corrupt deals

Politics has a way of corrupting even the most religious of them all with the exception of a few. Hence reason why you will never find a politician voluntarily retiring. Even in instances where one is forced to step down for whatever reasons, politicians have been known to fight tooth and nail to have their own kin or friends voted in as MPs.

In short “power corrupts”

The Kenyan politicians are masters in the “scratch me, I scratch you” behaviour. They are good at covering their tracks. Those who act differently will in some instances make their colleagues to push a motion of no confidence against them

There are families in Kenya who have been represented in the Kenyan parliament since independence. Do you want to tell me it is because of their love for this nation? I guess not. Theirs is to ensure that their family property acquired through whatever means is preserved up to the third and forth generations

Did you know that your MP does not just ask questions because s/he cares about his/her constituents, but rather to give in to bribes given by those in favour of or against the topic being discussed?

In a book recently published by a Kenyan politician, it was established the reason why Kenyan politicians ask questions in parliament or disappear from parliament during certain deliberations are:

  • They have been paid to do so
  • They fear having their corrupt deals exposed by their colleagues  if they do not give in to the brides
  • They want their relatives or friends to be given jobs in exchange whether they qualified or not

Could this also be a reason why we had an entourage of politicians recently accompany the Ocampo Six to the Hague?


  • They can give promises that will never be fulfilled

Kenyan politicians never cease to amaze me. How they have mastered the skill of making false promises during the electioneering period.

Kenyan voters themselves never seem to learn. They elect people based on these false promises that are usually predictable. But 1 month after the MP has been sworn in, the same voters start complaining and regretting as to why they voted in a certain politician.

This could be the reason why Kenya is forever in a election mode through some of the speeches made after an election and the elected MPs tenure in parliament.

Everyone seeking to be a politician in Kenya know this, hence  the more reason why its only few of these individuals who take time during their campaigns to explain how they intend to achieve each of the promises given

  • Fringe benefits associated with politics.

These include travel allowances, sitting allowances, medical benefits, education cover for their children, security detail, unwarranted favors from the business community, to mention but a  few.

I have no doubt to believe that our politicians have the best medical cover on the face of the earth. This could be one of the reasons why very few MPs visit the existing public hospitals for care. They rather go to the most expensive private hospitals like Agakhan university hospital or the famous Nairobi hospital.

If you do not agree with my position on this, allow me to ask,” when was the last time you saw or heard that your MP had visited a sub-district, district or even the provincials hospital?” Despite them channelling CDF funds toward the renovations of these facilities, you will rarely find them accessing health care from these facilities.

For those who visit the private hospitals they just don’t get attended to by any general practitioner, but by specialist

What next?

With the electioneering period already started, let us ask ourselves a couple of questions:

  • Where have we gone wrong as a country?
  • How do we ensure that the new constitution is implemented to the letter? This will help reduce on the formation of  unnecessary political parties-vehicles  used to get  entry into the parliament
  • How can we avoid voting in the same people we have been complaining about for the last 5 years or more?
  • How do we secure our children’s future by voting in people who are people centred in their approach and not self-centre?

To the Kenyan politician out there, think of your family even as you perform your mandate in the current house.

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Kenyan Politician Behaving Badly

  • Kenyans never learn from their past mistakes. They will always put back a person not because of his performance but the 50 or 100 bob given to them. How then can we wipe out the kind of the leaders you are talking about if we are this chaep?

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