Is Affordable Beauty Still Possible

Affordable Beauty in times of financial meltdown

Affordable beauty:Is it feasible?

Does the current increase in the cost of living provide you with an opportunity to neglect beautifying yourself? Hope not!

Beauty Vs Costs

beautyBeauty is in the eyes of the beholder. It is therefore not of great importance for you to spend lots of cash in order to impress other people with your looks.

Beauty doesn’t have to be costly. However this doesn’t mean that you overlook your appearance just because we are living in hard times.

There are various techniques that you  could utilize to adorn yourself accordingly.

Affordable Beauty:How to attain this

1.     Do your own hair treatment and styling

You do not have to visit a salon every other week to get this done. This is so because even the salonists have been affected by the current economic crunch, and as such forced to increase their fee.

You can avoid visiting beauty salons regularly by:

  • Buying your own hair products like treatments, hair oils, shampoos, conditioner, etc

For treatments, you could buy instant hair products like leave-in hair conditioners and hair food.

Instead of using hair beauty products from a shop, you can easily make your own treatment at home using a mixture of avocado, eggs, and tomato.

  • Invest in a blow drier

Or if you can’t manage this, you can wash and treat your hair using the products mentioned above and only visit the salon for straightening.

  • Buy several fancy wigs that you can wear after being braided or even braiding yourself at home.

Always look for those wigs made of human hair as these are washable, and can be used for a very long time. They are worth the initial investment.

  • Have your hair braided in the comfort of your own home, or visit any of the road side kiosks for this.

I have realized that most of these kiosk operators know how to braid different hairstyles but more so, corn rows. All they lack if capital to rent a good premise. This is what makes their services very affordable. It’s people from these types of salons who will not find it problematic to braid you at home.

2.     Doing facials

You can create your own facial mask using a concoction of yoghurt, eggs, lemon and honey.

For facial scrubs you can use a mixture of sugar and honey.

These natural products besides being cheap and readily available have also not been found to have any adverse side effects.

But in case you want a professional facial touch, you could invest in two-in-one cleansers/toners and a moisturizer. Carry these with you to the salon for a professional facial to be done.

3.     Body moisturizers

Visit any best lady shopping outlets where you will find a variety of these products at a fairly cheaper price. In Nairobi, these outlets can be found in the central business district and downtown.

4.     General body outlook

Ensure that you lead a health lifestyle by eating a balanced diet. Instead of buying grocery from supermarkets you could plan to make weekly visits to fresh produce markets like Gikomba, Toi and Kariobangi. Here you will not only find fresh produce, but a variety to select from at a very cheaper rate. Remember that “you are what you eat”

You can finally improve on your outlook and beauty by just loving    yourself and giving your body enough time to rest.

In case you want to try out the services of a freelance beautician or have someone shop for you fresh produce from the retail markets, kindly fill in your phone number in the box below.

Affordable beauty is thus very possible.

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