Beauty Salon Secrets For New Entrants

Beauty Salon Secrets

There is a constant demand of beauty enhancement products by both men and women. Most of these individuals don’t mind spending a fortune to enhance the beauty. It is therefore essential for salon owners  to establish beauty salon secrets of their trade. Hence need for people to read my beauty salon secrets.

Determinants of a successful  beauty salon in Kenya?

Every individual seeking to set up a successful beauty salon need not invest heavily in such a venture. Setting up a beauty salon requires some creativity on the part of the service providers. One therefore doesn’t need to take a major loan to finance this.

When visiting each estate in Kenya,one will not fail to find several beauty shops in one street.But there is always that one beauty salon which more  often  than not has a large client base.There is always a secret behind this,as some clients would not even wish to try out any other salon if their preferred salon is filled to capacity.

Looking forward to start a successful  salon in Nairobi?

There are several beauty  secrets a salon owner can consider when setting up this business.However, i have chosen to focus on the most important beauty salon secrets that can be implemented by those new in this field or those seeking to expand their salon business.

How to apply these beauty salon secrets

Below are some of the  secrets that every salon owner should try out inorder to save on time and money:

Beauty  salon secrets tip 1: Premise

unisex salon

Since both men and women have been found to treasure their looks, it is paramount for beauty salon owners to set up a salon in the right location.It is also necessary for the salon owner to look for a venue that can be frequented by both male and female clients without either of them feeling out of place.



When selecting a premise for setting up a beauty salon, look for one that:

  • Is closer to the road or in other words, one that is easily accessible
  • Is located within a residential complex or at the center of the town
  • Spacious enough to enable you have services for both male and female clientele
  • Has enough aeration
  • Has toilet facilities
  • Can be easily modified by an interior designer to suit your needs
  • Has enough electricity ports to prevent you from having electric cables all over the place

Beauty salon secrets tip 2: Staff

salon staffHave enough staff who are specialized in offering a variety of services. Endeavor for your beauty salon to be a one stop over for all beauty needs. This means that your clients should get all their beauty needs provided for under  one roof. Each beauty  salon owner should invest in staff skilled in braiding, providing massage, beauty and facial therapy, styling hair, shaving.

Having enough and trained staff also helps reduce on the clients waiting time before they are attended to. This is critical as the future and success of your beauty parlor is dependent on your clients’ feedback. One can effectively market his/her salon by using clients’ feedback.

It is therefore paramount for your staff to have good public relation skills in order for them to effectively attend to your clientele.

Beauty salon secrets tip 3: Equipment and Supplies

Each salon should be stocked with the following:

  • Hair dryers
  • Washing sink
  • Electric kettle for warming water
  • Manicure and pedicure set
  • A television set
  • Latest magazines to keep customers busy while they way to be attended to

beauty salon secretsThe beauty salon owner should invest in purchasing quality equipment. These equipments can be purchased one at a time. There are micro-finance institutions that one can approach for financing of the costly items.

As for the supplies, these are better purchased in bulk from wholesale shops so as to make a saving out of each purchase. Purchase of bulk items also enables one to buy items in big containers that can serve as water storage containers once the beauty product have been utilized. It also reduces on the transport costs incurred since the owner will carry out the entire required shopping only once in a week or month.

Each beauty salon owner can also enlist services from specific suppliers who with time can offer the same supplies at discounted rates.

Beauty  salon secrets tip 3: Hair and Facial beauty products

Beauty salon owners should endeavor to have products from one company, so as to avoid causing damage to the client’s physical outlook.

In some instances, it is recommended that beauty salon owners invest in cocktail treatment products. These will greatly help reduce on the costs incurred in buying different products.

The beauty salon owner should also offer clients the option of having a facial or hair treatment done using the available fruits and vegetables. For example one could use avocado as a mask, and at the same time as a hair treatment product.

Finally each beauty salon owner should do a thorough market analysis before venturing into this business. This will greatly inform the type of services to be offered.

For the new entrants into the beauty market, I hope that you will apply some, if not all of the above secrets in setting up your  new  beauty salon.



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