Home remedies for better health

Ever heard of the statement, “We are all what we eat?

This is a phrase that has been used for generations on end to stress on the importance of people watching what they eat.

Changes in people’s lifestyle have been found to contribute to the rise in certain diseases that are otherwise preventable. There is an increase in lifestyle related diseases and conditions like diabetes, cancers, throat infections, among others.

Home remedies for better health

People have thus resorted to  using home remedies to better their health. This is so because the existing health infrastructure has been spread out thin, leading to high treatment costs. Even where people choose to rely on government facilities, it has been established that government run facilities are not only short staffed, but also lack the required commodities and supplies.

Most individuals in developing countries are therefore not able to access health care from both private and public health facilities


This scenario has lead to increased in morbidity and mortality caused by preventable factors.

In this article I seek to highlight some of the natural home remedies people can use to fight of diseases or ameliorate the situation.

Nutritionists have found out that certain foods contain substances that contribute to good health.

Did you know that the following home remedies have medicinal and nutritional value?home remedies

  • Tomato: it is high in anti-oxidant vitamins that protect cells from frequent infections
  • Garlic: is a natural antibiotic and helps in lowering cholesterol levels
  • Onion: contains enzymes that help in digestion
  • Tamarind: facilitates the production of bile and elimination of waste from the body
  • Carrots: not only help improve one’s sight, but also contribute to a healthy skin
  • Sesame seeds: help in lowering cholesterol
  • Cloves: help is fighting off gas
  • Mango: These have concentration of Vitamins A, carotenoids, vitamin C, and vitamin E.

As remedy for better health, mangoes help in:

  1. Hydrating one’s skin as they contain lots of water
  2. Correct vision loss and eye sight
  3. Lowering oxidation of cholesterol in one’s body
  4. Help in regulating sugar levels especially among diabetics
  • Guava

They are rich in vitamin C and calcium among other minerals. Guavas are not only cheap but can also be accessed by both the rich and poor.

Guavas as a home remedy for better health help in lowering cholesterol levels, in addition to enhancing one’s immunity

The above are just but a few of the home remedies in form of vegetables or fruits that can be consumed for better health.

Using home remedies for better health

Access to health care need not be a hindrance to attainment of a healthy lifestyle. As we all know, “prevention is better than cure”. This maxim is paramount in so far as our health is concerned. There is need for individuals to watch what they eat so as to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Below are some home remedies for better health that can be used  by all

1.       Home remedies for colds and coughs

Those suffering from this can make a concoction of the following instead of using cough syrups:

  • Honey, garlic, lemon and warm water

2.       Home remedies for indigestion

This can be cleared by eating the following:

  • Pawpaw, broccoli, fennel, green maize, apples, olives, avocado, and broccoli

3.       Home remedies for ulcers

These have been associated with consumption of foods high in fat and spices. Those suffering from ulcers can use the following home remedies:

  • eat small meal portions
  • drink yoghurt instead of fresh milk
  • drink water 1 hour before and after meals
  • reduce sugar intake, and if possible avoid it all together
  • steam instead of fry their vegetables

4.       Overweight

Instead of spending lots of money enrolling in a gym, individuals seeking to cut down their weight can follow these home remedies:

  • Not skipping any meal
  • Avoid taking huge servings during dinner
  • Reduce on the amount of carbs in their diet
  • Use natural juices like carrot and beetroot to detox
  • Take foods made from whole meal flour and natural products
  • Take lots of vegetables
  • Eat lots of fruits

5.       Underweight

Those seeking to add their weight can observe the following:

  • Use whole milk
  • Never skip meals
  • Snack in between meals by eating sweet potatoes
  • Avoid eating junk food at all costs
  • Increasing their starch intake

6.       Home remedies for burns

In case of a burn, immediate relief can be obtained by applying toothpaste onto the burn before seeking medical care. This helps in reducing the pain and size of the blister.

7.       Chest congestion home remedies

Make a syrup out of garlic,honey and lemon to be gurgled every so often


The above are just but a few of the home remedies for better health

I welcome  your suggestions on other home remedies for better health


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