Tips on how to carry out yourself:First date

Are you in a relationship? Has your partner invited you out to  your  first date? If the answer to these questions is yes, do you know how to conduct yourself when you go for this date? You need not worry any more since you will are not the first person to experience this.

The day is finally here but you don’t know what to do or how to carry out yourself.

How to conduct yourself on your first date?

first date

Many people always find it overwhelming to handle the anxiety associated with going for their first date. This however need not be the case any more. Reason being that there are several factors one can put into consideration to avoid any embarrassing situations on your first date with this particular person.

My first date:

I remember my first date, my boyfriend took me out to a hotel where we ordered chips and sausage. Our order was brought with the required cutlery. However in my 19 years on this earth, I had never eaten using a folk and knife, and as such didn’t know which of these items was to go in which hand. Since I wanted to make a good impression by not showing my naivety, I didn’t bother to find out from him how I would use this cutlery.

You would not believe what happened next! Upon trying to slice the sausage, I don’t know what happened, all I remember was that my sausage went flying up in the air and down on the floor. You cannot even begin to fathom the degree of embarrassment I experienced. From that day, I never went with my boyfriend to any hotel on our subsequent dates. I instead resorted to us meeting either at his parent’s house, my parent’s house, obviously after they had left to work, or even worse at the road side.

My friends first date:

Then there was this friend of mine who on his first date,took his girlfriend to an classy joint on their first date.The guy had planned to surprise his girlfriend with a dip in the pool.The girlfriend did show up yes,but guess what her monthly visitors came earlier than expected because of the anxiety.Guess what happened in the pool!

First date:Other people’s experiences

There are other people who have been known to feign sickness on their first date.This really need not be the case.Others have developed tendencies of asking their friends to accompany them on their first date not only as a security,but also as a back up should their date fail to turn up.

Young men have been raised to think that it is an expensive affair to take a girl out on their first date.Such men have ended up taking their girlfriends to expensive joints without realizing that they cant afford the treat.

Some first date ideas:

To keep you from experiencing such embarrassing moments, I have taken time to give you tips that you could use on your first date. After absorbing the excitement of being asked out on your first date, you need to consider the following:

  • Date: when will this take place? For ladies, is it a day when you will be experiencing the monthly visitors? if yes and you know that you are always fussy on these blessed days, I would suggest that you re-schedule your date accordingly
  • Time: What is the suggested time? Do you have any other commitments? You also want to avoid looking so eager for this date by reporting at the meeting point several hours before time. In as much as you would not want to report late for your date, you could still report early but sit in a place where you are able to see your partner approaching the venue before you also head out in the same direction
  • Ensure that you dress for the occasion. You don’t want to be seen in high heels in a game reserve, or in an office suit, when the place you will be meeting has a preferred dressing code. Always ensure that you dress comfortably.
  • Don’t try out anything that you have never tasted before. If you have never tasted alcohol before, then don’t try this out on your first date, lest you embarrass yourself
  • Ladies, there is no need of you going on a date by someone you don’t trust. This will help keep you from tagging a girlfriend along. If it’s a must for you to be accompanied, then have this person sit at a distant where your date partner will not have an idea that you were accompanied
  • Watch your tongue. You don’t need to become a chatter box for your partner to get to know you. Relax since your subsequent dates are dependent on your conduct on the first date.

First date advice

What to carry along on your first date:

  • Money: you don’t want to be taken to a place that is beyond your partners’ financial capability. Should your date fail to show up, you need to have some cash to buy yourself a cup of coffee
  • Phone. You need to inform those close to you where you are and inform them when you arrive at the meeting joint.
  • Identification papers. Just in case your partner is to take you to a joint that has age restriction, you don’t want to be turned away for looking so young
  • Make up. Carry a lip balm, wet  facial tissues, toilet paper and a small comb-to spruce yourself up as you wait for your date
  • Sweater. This is dependent on the prevailing whether condition. You wouldn’t want to freeze in your outfit.

Whatever you do on your first date,always remember that there will always be a tomorrow,and there need for you to guard your heart.

For those of you out there who have heard horrendous first date experiences,kindly share with us how the young guys out there can avoid such moments by enjoying their first date.



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