Rise in suicide cases

rise in suicide cases

Suicide refers to an intentional termination of one’s life.It is not clear why we are seeing the current rise in suicide cases.

There have been several suicide related reports in different cities of the world.

Why is there a rise in suicide cases?

No one really has an idea of why there is a rise in cases of suicide worldwide,Kenya included.

According to the World Health Organization, there are close to 1,000,000 suicide related deaths per annum. This implies that there is one suicide every 40 seconds.

Current suicide  case scenarios

In the recent past we have heard several media houses report on cases of violence within relationships. This have in most cases resulted to deaths either murder or suicidal. We have also heard of football fans who have committed suicide for whatever reason.

A famous Kenyan athlete, Samuel Wanjiru died this week and his passing on is attributed to him having committed suicide. There are even those who are linking some of his close “relatives” to his death. Only time and the CCTv cameraswill help unfold the truth.

We’ve also heard of the news reporter who is being suspected to have killed the mother of his two year old son. I believe the husband is experiencing some form of emotional suicide wherever he is.

The above are just but a few suicide cases which have been reported in the past.I believe that there are many more of such cases which are not being reported anywhere,or where relatives due to the stigma associated with suicide prefer to hush such cases.

In my view,i tend to think that the rise in suicide cases we are seeing today is as a result of some of the failures by the society in nurturing  responsible children.The sudden crave for more wealth by both the young and old also contributes to frustration and wrong decision,which can make one commit suicide especially if they are not counseled properly.

Love and Suicide:

Someone could ask, “How strong is this love that makes people want to kill or even harm their spouses?” Did these people really share love or were they in the relationship for status quo? Were they Mr/Miss Right or Mr/Miss Right Now?

Most of the individuals who commit suicide or harm their partners in most cases can be associated with  depression, or violence in their relationships, frustrations, among others

Rise in suicide cases

Psychologists attribute this rise in suicide cases to the high levels of anxiety and stress being experienced worldwide. Several factors are responsible for this scenario. Some of the factors that contribute to these suicide cases  include:

  • suicide  cause 1:Increased responsibility: There are people who have realized that the relationships they are in are dependent on their levels of commitment. In the recent past, we have heard of cases of people as young as 18years wanting to enter into marital unions without analyzing the responsibilities associated with marriage. There are those who have resorted to committing suicide due to inability to handle these increased responsibilities.
  • suicide cause 2:Limited resources: This is true in the sense that peoples incomes do not expand to match up their financial responsibilities in a relationship. This mostly applies to men who are the heads of the family. Most women have been found to expect their male partners  to provide for all their needs, this in itself can be stressful to any man
  • suicide cause 3:Lack of mentorship: Some young people do not have people in their lives that can provide them with mentorship on many issues including relationships. The lack of a “father figure” or role models has a part to play in how a man handles his frustrations. There are those males who have grown up knowing that relationships thrive on violence. Such frustrations provide a healthy ground for people to contemplate committing suicide or even murder their partners
  • suicide cause 4:Sudden exposure to wealth: Many young people nowadays are exposed to various innovative ways of getting money. These range from using IT, sport, and music, among others. Society has failed these youth as their managers never take time to teach them how to balance between fame, responsibility, money and relationships. It is not odd to find such “rich” youth divert their resources into drugs. As we all know drugs can lead someone to commit suicide due to its myriad effects.

How to curb the rise in  suicide cases:

Many people are unhappy with what they have or do. This has greatly influenced the decline in people’s survival instincts and rise in suicidal tendencies.

Each of us has to take up a key role in helping our youth to grow up as responsible adults. It is sad to see the grief of the 24year old athletes’ parents.

The society needs to shape up by doing the following:

  • Spiritual leaders: Having  youth oriented programs  that are holistic in approach
  • Teachers: instil principles of perseverance among the students
  • Parents: be present for their children
  • Friends: be one another’s keeper
  • Leaders: develop sound policies

Do you feel that the society is to blame for the  rise in suicide cases,especially among the young ?

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