Magical Relationship Words

Importance of using magical relationship words:
  • Are you looking forward to having “happily ever after” type of relationship?Interested in making your partner interested in   experiencing a magical relationship with you?
  • Is it possible to have a magical relationship in an era where there are so many hurting relationships?
  • Are you in a troubled relationship but still looking forward to having a magical relationship?

If your answer is YES to any of the above, then this is a must read piece.

Magical relationship words:

Both men and women hold the key to enjoying magic in their relationship through their words, those sweet-nothing words.

How to add magic to your relationship:

Both men and women are responsible for strengthening their relationship.One way through which they can achieve this is through their tongue.Even th bible says, “life and death lie in the tongue”

Magical relationship words for men

  • I love you
  • Don’t call her by her name, instead refer to her as honey ,baby, dear
  • Never call your wife by the name of your children e.g. Mama Simon. This makes women feel that they are really old
  • Whenever you do something wrong or offend your partner in any way, always say “sorry”
  • Thank you, thank you, thank you……..
  • Surprising her with this question, “Interested in a treat?”
  • Surprise her with complementing words about her looks, hairstyle, dressing
  • Buying small gift items and leaving them in her frequently visited places in the house with labels like, ”this is for you, my love”
  • I’m so glad I;m your husband”
  • “How was your day dear?”

Magical relationship words for women

  • I love you honey
  • Call him “my one and only”Don’t say anything negative about you man
  • When not sure of where you are going, assure him by saying “I trust you”
  • “thank you for choosing me above other women”
  • I’m so glad I’m your wife
  • Welcome home dear
  • Thank you for loving me
  • Please help me fix this bulb etc
  • When he wrongs you, you can say this, ”I might be wrong ,but I feel that you did not do what we agreed today
  • You can  call him by his children’ s name e.g. Baba Simon-this reminds him that he is the father of your children


For those in troubled relationships,why not try out the above magical words and see the fruits in less than a month

I do believe that you the reader have other magical words besides the one’s I have mentioned above that you could share with has the use of magical relationship words spiced up your current relationship?



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