Holiday in Kenya

Having a holiday in Kenya needs to be everyone’s life goal. This is so because, Kenya as mentioned in my previous articles is a holiday hot spot all season.  Kenya does not  also have extreme weather climates experienced in other countries

Why have come for a holiday in Kenya?

Kenya’s beauty is spread across 8 provinces (or regions) and with our new constitution, to many counties. One can therefore visit the whole country in one visit.

Tips when planning for a holiday in Kenya:

Below are some of the strategies one can use to plan for their holiday in Kenya

Holiday in Kenya tip 1: Plan early

This involves

  • making early travel arrangements with a reliable travel agent
  • make copies of your travel documents
  • e-mail yourself copies of your travel documents
  • visit the Kenya embassy in your country to get information of the vaccinations you ought to have before coming to Kenya

Holiday in Kenya tip 2: pack the essentials early

I would recommend that you develop a checklist of all the items you would like to carry. Ensure that you travel light, as there are so many things youcan shop while in Kenya. This will also prevent you from being charged for extra luggage when traveling to Kenya

Holiday in Kenya tip 2: Finances

Most Kenyan shops only trade in shillings, the local currency. However, there are several exchange bureaus starting from the airport, banks, and major towns where you could make any forex transactions. If unsure of which of these to use, I would recommend that you exchange foreign currencies at any bureau at the airport. Remember to check out their daily exchange rates usually displayed on boards outside or inside the bureau.

Holiday in Kenya tip 3: Location

Together with your travel agent, choose your destined location based on the areas you would like to visit whilst in Kenya. This will greatly reduce on the transportation costs to be incurred.

If planning to visit a beach, I would recommend that you book a flight to Nairobi and use a bus to travel to coast. However, if you have enough finances for a flight to the coast, you could have your travel agent book for  you a connection flight from Nairobi’s Jomo Kenyatta International airport to Mombasa and not Malindi (its is more costly to travel by flight to Malindi than to  Mombasa)

Whilst at the coast, there are several public beaches that you can visit without being required to pay entry fee.

Please note that you will find many beach boys at whatever beach you choose, some of whom might be quite annoying.

My suggestion would be, for your own safety, ask  your travel agent, your hotel or any of your local contacts to get for a good tour guide for  your entire visit at the coast

Holiday in Kenya tip 4: Adventure

You cannot just visit Kenya, without taking an adventure in the game reserves, or going for a water rafting experience.

There are so many places for those traveling with children can visit to include their children in this adventurous trip.

Some of the public recreation spots have standard rates that apply to both locals and foreigners.

When it comes to food, each province in Kenya has a delicacy to offer. These can be found in major hotels or in hotels within given towns that are known to provide traditional dishes.

When panning to enjoy your holiday in Kenya,always remember to carry a camera with you to capture these adventurous moments.

Holiday in Kenya tip 5: Worshiping experience

Your visit to Kenya will be considered complete once you visit one of the churches around for a lively worshiping experience. I have never met people who have vibrant and diverse worship styles like Kenyans.

Holiday in Kenya tip 6: Accommodation

It is not necessary for  you to spend a lot of money on accommodation.There are several options you could opt for.These include:

  • hiring a cottage so that you can do your own  meals
  • staying in a tent while out camping
  • booking a room in a guest house or one of the student hostels including YMCA& YWCA
  • If a must for you to stay in a hotel,only make half board booking to cater for your bed and breakfast.This will allow you to have your lunch and dinner out of the hotel-this is an effective cost cutting  strategy

Holiday in Kenya:Backpacking

Who said that you have to stay in a hotel while on holiday in Kenya,you can endeavor to have a water rafting or backpacking experience.


Having a holiday in Kenya is one of those experiences that you would like to do over and over again.


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  • I agree with you one needs to plan well. Kenya is best destination for anyone planning to visit.  Take heed to when planning for holiday and you will be a satisfied tourist.  Very good pointers.

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