Low cost travel

Low cost travel is accessible in Kenya

Whilst on holiday in Kenya or just traveling within Kenya, one need not spend an arm and a leg on transport. Kenya is a land of diversity when it comes to transportation.

The common modes of transport in Kenya that are available at low cost include:

Low cost travel option 1: Using matatus

“Matatus” in Kenya are the most preferred means of travel by many. Reason being it is hard for a matatu conductor to over charge you when using these means of transport.

Matatus are clearly marked with a yellow strip and have designated parking areas

The only challenge in using matatus as one’s preferred low cost travel option, would be establishing what the designated parking areas are; and that their rates are determined by two key factors:

  • time of day: the rates are higher during peak hours i.e. morning before 8am and  evening after 4pm
  • weather: matatu operators increased their daily fee  when it rains

Low cost travel option 2: tuk-tuks

For those who have visited India, these are their auto-wheelers with a capacity of 3 passengers.

These tuk-tuks  have also become common in Kenya and are located in estates and near bus terminus. The advantage of these low cost travel option, is that Tuk-tuks can easily maneuver in any traffic jam in Kenya

I would however not recommend this mode of travel during rainy seasons

Low cost travel option 3: train

For those residing in the outskirts of Nairobi, you could choose to use this low cost travel option. The advantage being that the railway corporation has developed fixed schedules which make this travel option reliable.

Trains can be boarded from the railways offices in major towns

Low cost travel option 4: motor/bicycles

One can resort to hire a motorcycle or buy a bicycle for ease of transport. This is a preferred mode in areas where there are no regular public means of transport.

It is however risky to use this travel option especially if new in major cities like Nairobi, given that Kenyan drivers are known be quite aggressive on the roads and there are many accident cases reported of collisions between vehicles and motorbikes.

Those intending to use motorbikes are also required to have a  license from the transport and licensing board.

In conclusion

Traveling while on holiday in Kenya needs not be a costly affair. I believe the above low cost travel options will enable you enjoy your holiday in Kenya.

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