Nail Beauty Secrets 101

Ever wondered why people put so much effort in beautifying their nails? There are individuals known to invest time and money in enhancing their nail beauty?

These individuals know the importance of following nail beauty secrets that are not just basic but also of great necessity

Nail beauty: Importance

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. This does not just apply to facial beauty, but also to nail beauty. Nails speak a lot about an individual’s well being, whether emotional or physical.

nail beautyHaving interacted with people from different nationalities, I  have noticed that many people, myself included like  talking using  hand gestures .In such a scenario, it goes without mention that one will  get a glimpse of your nails. Hence need for one to ensure that have their nails well catered for.

Nail beauty: relevance to doctors

Today I also got to learn that doctors also know of the importance of nails in determining one’s health.

For every lady out there who has ever undergone a surgery, were you ever requested to remove your nail polish? I have heard that this is mandatory for every woman before a surgery is done. Never quite understood why until today

This is especially true for women who are meant to go for a caesarean section. I have always felt for this women, as most pregnant women take time during the last month of their pregnancy to re-do their hair, have a manicure and pedicure done. Reason being, the mother  will not have time for herself in the first tow months after birth as all her attention will be directed towards her new born.

Having invested in her beauty before delivery, tell me why then is it necessary for the nurses to force this woman to undo her nail polish should it be necessary for her to undergo a CS?

I got to know that the reason for this is that doctors use the nails to establish the flow of blood in the woman during surgery. Hence need for people being requested to remove their nail polish for the doctors to assess their health status during and immediately after the CS or any surgery for that matter.

Having briefly spoke of the importance of nail beauty, I will take time to briefly share with you some of the simple nail beauty secrets

Nail beauty secret tip 1: Filling nails

Use a wooden and not a metallic nail file. This is so because metallic nail files are harsh on the nails and are the reason why some nails chip off frequently

When filling your nails, please ensure that you do the filing in one direction to avoid any breakage.

Nail beauty secret tip 2: Polish remover

Avoid use of any acetone based nail remover. Before purchasing any nail polish remover, it is advisable for one to read the ingredients to ascertain that there is no trace of acetone in it.

I have also been advised by a nail beautician that acetone based removers are known to dehydrate ones nails.

Nail beauty secret tip 3: buffing

Nail buffing has been found to make nails thinner. This is not healthy. Please, please do not buff your nails. Buffing is only meant for cars plus other furniture.

Nail beauty secret tip 4: Use a cuticle remover

Are you among the people who nibble on their nails with your teeth? This habit isn’t appealing in any way, besides its also not healthy for one to nibble his/her nails or cuticles.

It is advisable that one uses the correct cuticle remover equipment that doesn’t include things like razor blades or teeth.

You can also buy lanolin cream to help in managing your nail cuticles.

Nail beauty secret tip 5: Do your own manicure and pedicure

Enhancing your nail beauty need not be an expensive undertaking. Below are some of the common steps one can undertake to achieve this:

  • Clear  nails of any nail polish
  • Soak your nails in warm soapy water
  • scrub your feel with a pumice stone
  • use any body scrub  to clear impurities from your hands and feet
  • apply lanolin cream, soak your hands/feet in warm water
  • push the cuticles towards the back of your nails
  • rinse your nails
  • apply a colorless base coat nail polish
  • apply a colorless nail polish
  • finally apply a top coat

In conclusion, to remains the responsibility of using the above nail beauty enhancing techniques to improve or maintain on your nail beauty.



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