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There was a posting on the internet where someone was questioning why most tazama chapaa winners are ladies?

Tazama chapaa:citizen TV

In response to my recent post on mobile investments in Kenya, I will try to respond to why it is that most tazama chapaa winners are ladies

My take is :

  • Ladies are risk takers
  • Men have failed to take up their role as sole providers for their families, hence reason why most ladies have to look for alternative sources of income. This includes placing bets on mobile investments like tazama chapaa
  • There might be men out there who might actually be using their ladies phones to participate in tazama chapaa. The reason being they fear appearing on TV as winners. Given our African culture, the men will be expected to share with their immediate family the reward. The case is however different for ladies. This is so because it is easy for a lady who wins to tell anyone who intends to borrow from her that she has to consult with her husband.
  • Most ladies love watching TV, especially soap operas. To add onto this, Citizen has very captivating soap operas. In my view the ladies who participate in tazama chapaa have no difficulty in answering questions on citizen TV programs.
  • Ladies can go an extra mile to get answers to questions posed by the tazama chapaa team from their fellow ladies, as opposed to men who wouldn’t have the courage to do so
  • Most of the actual winners are the house helps who stay glued on TV for 8 hours, while their bosses are at work. These same ladies use the phones left home by the employers for use in case of an emergency, to participate in game shows. However these house helps forget to realize that the phones are registered to their lady employers, who will automatically be considered by the tazama chapaa crew as the winners given that the phone in question will have been registered in their name.

As I had mentioned, the above are just my views.

I do welcome your views on why it is that most tazama chapaa winners are ladies.

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  • Nancy Mumbi Mburu

    Thank you for giving this chance to uprift people, am having 0ksh on my saving account have been trying my dream am having 173 point and i didnt get anthing, now am so down, because i thougthr you are looking for more point, so i tried my best to have more, but disapointed getting people with 21 point winning, but i thank God , may be tommorow it will be me,

  • Mercy Mwakalu

    Hi, just wondering if i have been answering to the correct Tazama Chapaa.I now have 182 points yet no call,yet there are some with less and they win.Is the winning by points or luck? Anyway no hard feelings,pray that i will be next.Bless you. Mercy.  

  • Beatrice W. Mwadime

    Hi – I have 475 points by now!  you mean to tell me that I am that unlucky to win yet some winners brag that they have been participating for three weeks and they received a call. I started participating since 26th May till  now.  Please be fair sometimes.

  • Ndunge c.

    shhhhhhhhhh…..wait wait i have a whole 504.  If this cnt bring me luck, wot will. I must hv a very strong jinx

  • Janekimwati

    am just wondering what criteria is used to select the winners!! its like they pick guys from every county apart from nai…but i know i will win it today!!

  • Wanguimagana

    hi, i have 229 point na bado kushida. kwani what do you check. on 27th July you sms me that 5 days to go and  2.5m left.  Bona jana 28th tena mkasema it is seven days to go.  What is happening?

  • caroline chemutai

    Hi,just wondering if i have been answering to Tazama chapaa ,I have 392 points and no call yet some have few points but winners.You should be fair am so down have spent all that i had am know negative but still waiting i could be the last lucky winner. 

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