Sexual violence in Kenya:Incest

Sexual violence in Kenya  as mentioned in my previous articles, is a vice that is eating into the fabric of the society,which is the family.Cases of sexual violence within the family rarely get reported by the family members concerned.It is  always  neighbors who bring  to fore such occurrences.

Sexual violence:Incest in Kenya

Sexual violence in Kenya is done by both strangers and relatives. Sexual violence in Kenya between relatives is referred to as incest. This type of sexual violence is so common that the situation ought to be urgently addressed by government, religious leaders and the society in general.

Having done a study on sexual violence in Kenya recently, I got to hear of a very sad happening.

A real story on sexual violence in Kenya:Incest

Allow me to share with you a typical of sexual violence and how a certain community in Kenya chooses to address this form of sexual violence

Sexual violence in Kenya: A case of incest in Kenya

Mary (not correct name) went to stay with her father in law in the village together with her 3 year old daughter. Her husband did not accompany her as he had to remain in the city to eke a living.

One day whilst Mary was preparing her father in- law’s breakfast, she heard her daughter scream, but she ignored as she thought that her daughter was just crying because she was not used to the grandfather (Mary’s father in law).

Moments later, her daughter let out another painful scream that Mary could not just ignore.

Mary rushed to the house where her daughter was and found her father in- law   try to soothe her daughter. The father in law did not want Mary to take her daughter. Mary however managed to wrestle her daughter out of her father in law’s hands.

You can only guess what she saw, besides her daughter bleeding badly.

Mary could not keep this to herself as she resorted to reporting this incident to the local police. Her father in law was sentenced to life imprisonment.

Sexual violence in Kenya: Definition of justice

To majority of those reading this story, you might get excited that finally justice was served.

I however beg to disappoint you. Reason being according to the community Mary came from, she was considered to have committed a wrongful act of reporting her father in law to the police. This meant that Mary was in no way different from a murderer as she was considered to be the reason why her father in- law would lead a miserable life, and ultimately die while in prison.

Mary and her husband, as I now write this story have been banished from their village because of the step Mary took to report her father in- law for having sexually violated her daughter.

The above true story leaves us with one question, “is this the type of justice survivors of sexual violence in Kenya should look out for?”

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