Kenyan Politician Behaving Badly

The Kenyan politician behaves badly again………..

The Kenyan parliament is indeed a “House for all”. It has both the learned and the illiterate.

It is only in the Kenyan parliament that both the learned and the illiterate enjoy the same terms of service and equally debate on matters touching the present and future generations.

No wonder it is not questionable as to whether Kenyan politician took time to read the new constitution.

I will not be surprised if majority of the members never read this important document that is to guide all their policy formulation.

Kenyan Constitution Vs Kenyan Politician

Kenyans promulgated the new constitution in August 2010.As usual to the Kenyan politician; this was all part of their politicking. Most members of parliament voted in the constitution. We also had those who were considered to be water melons.

Kenyan Politicians: Water melon.

Kenyan politicians were expected to have read this most important document. However this appears not to have been the case based on the current hullabaloo around the Kenyan politician being required to pay tax.

Instead, they converted the review process into another political match between parties, between the church and state, and so on.

During the constitution review process, color code “green” was for those who were for the new constitution, while “red” was for those who were against. However there were those Kenyan Politicians whose stand  on this matter was not clear. These were referred to as “watermelons”.

As we all know, a watermelon is green on the outside and red on the inside.

Watermelon politicians were therefore those who would during the day say  “Yes” and at night say “No” or vice versa.

Reasons for this kind of behaviour were varied.

Kenyan Politicians: Fast forward 2011

According to the new constitution, all public servants are required to pay taxes from their earnings (Article 210(3).These includes the Kenyan politician.

In June 2011, the Kenya Revenue Authority issued a statement that all Kenyan politicians were required to pay their taxes

These taxes were backdates to September 2010.Meaning that each Kenyan politician would be required to pay close to 2.6million shillings.

According to the KRA,any politician who would not pay up their taxes, would have their property auctioned.

This move by KRA immediately raised an outcry

Kenyan Politician: Excuses Given

Some of these politicians had the audacity of saying that the taxman would interfere with their plans as they had mortgages to pay.

One Kenyan Politician, Hon. Mbadi had no shame in calling a press conference just to say that his contract did not indicate he would be required to pay tax.

The Hon. Speaker was also a disappointment as he appeared to back those politicians who were against remitting their taxes. Remember he is the same person who did once say that only MPs who “felt sufficiently philanthropic should go ahead and pay tax”

There were also those politicians who even thought that for them to pay taxes,they could give themselves a salary raise.Not sure what they have done to deserve this suggested pay rise

The president and the Prime Minister as usual remained mum on this matter. Not sure if they just wanted to hear what their fellow MPs had to say on this subject matter or just didn’t have a clue as to how to handle this as they are the same people who went around pleading with Kenyan to vote in the new constitution

Few good examples of Kenyan Politicians

As majority of the Kenyan politicians kept complaining of these new developments, there were those who supported this move by the taxman

Politicians like Hon. Peter Kenneth and Johnstone Muthama started paying their taxes from last year.

For the first time, Hon. Waititu spoke wisely on this matter. He clearly indicated that he would pay his tax as he used to before being elected as an MP.

Kenyan Politician Vs Public Outcry

The public could not contain the selfishness displayed by their elected leaders.There have thus been calls for the taxman to go ahead and attach the properties of those Kenyan politicians who refuse t pay tax.

This public outcry has seen some of the Kenyan politicians who were against paying taxes; indicating their willingness to pay taxes.

The Prime Minister has also joined in this discussion by indicating that all Kenyan Politicians are required to pay tax.

In closing, any Kenyan reading this article has been given the mandate to choose our next crop of leaders wisely. Unless you don’t mind continuing to pay taxes that will be used to hire lawyers for the Ocampo six, foot bills incurred by Kenyan politicians in unnecessary foreign trips,etc

If you do, then lets all join hands in the public outcry on why the Kenyan politician ought to pay tax

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