Easy Steps to Escape Diabetes

With the rise in cases of diabetes amongst the old and young, there is need for individuals to protect themselves from this disease.

Diabetes cannot only be prevented but also managed by those who have it.

What diabetic patients need is support and understanding from their families. This is so because management of diabetes requires a special diet that can not only be costly but also hard to follow.

If you have diabetes running in your family, then this guide is for you on how best you can escape diabetes in Kenya.

For those who have friends or relatives with diabetes, this guide will also help you know how to support them

How to Escape Diabetes in Kenya

Below are some tips of how to achieve this:


This need not be a tedious affair.

All one needs to do is to ensure that s/he takes a 20-30 minutes brisk walk daily to burn off extra fat and calories.

When out for a walk it is advisable for one to wear comfortable shows that will prevent any strain to the muscle tissues


Everyone whether diabetic or not, is required to have a balanced diet. A balanced diet contains proteins, vitamins, carbohydrates, minerals and fats.

However there are certain types of food that ought to be eaten in moderation as a diabetes prevention strategy.

There are also those fruits that are to be eaten in plenty by diabetics


These especially the white carbs (those that are refined) should be eaten in moderation. This is so because they lack the required fibres and some are known to facilitate the release of lots of sugar into the blood stream-not good

It is advisable for people to consume whole meal products like brown flour, arrow roots or tubers, brown rice, among others.

In short whole grain foods are more recommended as they contain vitamins and fibres (Which aid in quick digestions and controls absorption of sugars in the body)

In addition to this, it is recommended to have a large serving of vegetables than carbohydrates.


Plant proteins outweigh animal proteins.

This is so because most of the animal proteins take long in ones digestive tract before they are digested.

Hence reason why people are advised to eat more plant proteins like beans and legumes.

In instances where one feels like having animal protein, it is recommended that individuals opt for white as opposed to red meat

White meat includes fish, chicken and pork, whereas red meat comprises of beef


Avoid all fats that solidify easily. This is so because these types of fat have the capacity of clogging the arteries and can easily lead to high blood pressure or in some severe circumstances to a stroke


Avoid fruits with high sugar content

It is advisable for one to just consume a slice of a fruit at regular intervals. This provides the body with sufficient time to digest and absorb the sugars without creating any imbalance in the system


Drink lots and lots of water.

It is known that water acts as cleansing agent in addition to facilitating digestion.

Avoid taking carbonated drinks like soda as these contain empty calories that do more harm than good in the body. If necessary one can take diet sodas

Regular check ups

Visit any health facility for a simple glucose test –as  part of your regular health check ups.This is more so for those who have family members with diabetes.

kenya diabetes health check upkenya diabetes check up






In Closing:Kenya 2011 Diabetes Walk

Prevention and management of diabetes need not continue being a cumbersome activity.

Kenya will be having a diabetes walk on 9th July 2011 starting from the carnivore grounds. You can register for this atKenya diabeted walk 2011 any of the centers listed below or visit the Kenya diabetes management information center for more details:

  • Kenya Diabetes Management & Information Center (DMI Center, 1st Floor No. 3 Rose Avenue Flats, Hurligham)
  • The Carnivore,
  • Nairobi Hospital, Doctors Plaza, Clinic NO:G01,
  • Diabetes & Endocrinology Center 7th floor, 5th Avenue
  • Hazina Clinic (Hazina Towers),
  • Uchumi Supermarkets – Ngong Hyper, Sarit Center, Capital Center, Langata Hyper.
  • Nakumatt outlets; Junction, Westgate and Lifestyle

Purpose to be part of this years diabetes walk

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