Kenya: The Political Vs Church Leadership

There is a lot happening in Kenya that can be attributed to the laxity in the Kenyan church.It has become difficult for people to distinguish between Christians and non-believers.

Both the Christians and Non-Christians seem to be chasing after one thing:Wealth generation.The church has even forgotten that we are called to be pilgrims.

There are several incidences happening in this country which could be attributed to the complacency by the church;the light and darkness having become so integrated that the church cannot in any way pretend to have authority any more over the present and future generations.

I have been asking myself several questions regarding this country:

Political Leadership in Kenya

  • What kind of leadership do we have at the political level
  • How do the happenings among Kenya’s political leaders transcend to the church and family?
  • Does our Kenyan parliament have a strategic plan or they just rely on vision 2030.Is so, what happens after 2030?
  • If at all they have a strategic plan, who developed it?
  • What are the priorities of the Kenyan parliament
  • Who in Kenya (both within and outside the parliament) is usually involved in the setting up of these national priorities?
  • Finally, how does the  church in Kenya  fit into all these

Church  Leadership in Kenya

  • Do the churches in Kenya have a divine vision on what God has planned for Kenya?
  • How does the church align its prayer calendars to effectively address national priorities by the political leadership
  • In the midst of all the several denominations in Kenya (Christians for that matter),who amongst these groups speaks for the church?
  • What  do our religious leadership in Kenya consider to be a priority for this nation
  • Do our political leaders consult with the church leadership before  making at decision like in days of the Biblical prophets
  • Finally how does the church leadership in Kenya ensure that  it has the spiritual and moral authority to correct the political leadership in Kenya

The Church and Political Leadership in Kenya

I still do not understand how these two institutions interact

During the recent nominations of the Chief and Deputy Chief Justice in Kenya, the church leaders came out strongly to question the appointee’s suitability for these posts.

Reason being, there were several unanswered questions regarding the moral standing of the appointees who were t expected entrusted to safeguard our constitution.

I was so impressed by the Kenya church leadership during this moment in particular

However the church in Kenya is now silent on other matters of natural priorities.

It looks as if there are times when the church leadership fails to take up its  role as he salt and light of this world.

How has the church in Kenya failed?

I will seek to list down some of the pressing issues in this country which the church in Kenya ought to be so vocal about:

  • Taxation

The Kenya clergy should preach sermons on the Biblical passage on ,”give Caesar what is his ,and God what is His”.

There is no two way about this. Our political leadership ought to pay taxes.

Some of the politicians in Kenya who attend these churches might get convicted to start paying tax once they receive this message from the spiritual leadership  in Kenya

  • Moral  standing of our citizenry

In my previous post I highlighted the moral decadence in higher learning institutions in Kenya. This scenario is a typical example of how the church has failed in its responsibility of raising a God fearing generation.

The following questions ought to be addressed:

  • What  is the church doing for its youth
  • Why is it OK to have people engaged in all “wrong” activities allowed to stand on the pulpits in Kenya to preach?
  • Why the church messages in Kenya devoid of the message on , “how can a young man/woman keep his/her ways pure?”
  • Why isn’t the church in Kenya preaching on the gospel around, ”why would it benefit a man  if he gains to whole world by loosing his own soul?”
  • The marriage Bill in Kenya

Our political leaders have in their wisdom drafted a marriage bill which if effected will lead to a drastic change in this institution:

  • “come-we-stay” unions will be legalized after 2 years
  • Polygamy will become an acceptable practice. This will particularly affect those currently unmarried.
  • There is no limit to the number of polygamous unions one can have
  • Men will not be compelled to pay dowry
  • Upon being divorce, it shall no longer be the man’s duty to support the wife and children. Under this bill even women will be required to support their husbands
  • The married couple will be required to sign 3 marriage certificate

In addition to the above, this Bill clearly states that only those marriages which happen between the opposite sex shall be recognized

From the time the provisions of this Bill were made public, I haven’t heard any Church leader come forth to speak against some of these provisions.

  • Why is it that the church in Kenya is no longer actively involved in policy making?
  • Why is it that the church is not playing the “watchman” role over this nation?
  • What is our church leadership doing  to avert any crisis in the marriage institutions?

In closing:Awaken the Kenyan Church

The church in Kenya needs to reposition itself so that the Godly foundation of this country does not crumble down.

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