In Prison:We All Are

We all are in Prison

I recently read thought provoking article by Mux Lucado. In this article, the author clearly   described how each of us is in a form of prison

Not sure how many of you reading this post will agree with David.

I did not agree with him at first. This is because my Christian belief reminds me that, “He who Christ sets free is free indeed”.

But upon reading that article keenly, I got convinced that we indeed are in living our lives as inmates with this world being the “prison”.

We all are living in a prison

You may ask how this is so? Let me try to shed light on this.

In this present generation, everyone seems to be in a hurry to get somewhere. Kenyans are known always to be in a hurry to get somewhere. Who knows where? But bottom line, Kenyans, Nairobians for that matter are ever in a hurry. This is best demonstrated by the large number of Kenyans who:

  • Have to hit out of their houses by 5.30am on their way to work
  • Crowd around  bus stops  waiting for means of transport between 7-8.30am
  • Sit on the benches in town between 8am-5pm as they ponder on their next business ventures
  • Who have enrolled in parallel programmes in large numbers as the expense of spending time with their families

Prison of always wanting more: Why do Kenyans do all this?

Most Kenyans engage in the above due to one reason. That is the desire of always wanting more.

There is no single Kenyan who can tell me that there is no that one thing that they wish they could get in life.

What prison are we leaving in?

We all are leaving in a prison where despite the blessings we already have; we always have a craving or desire of getting one more thing.

The strange thing is that we already have what we long for, but seem not to be satisfied.

This is so because we always want to gather more to ourselves at the expense of the other individuals around us

No wonder there are children out there who have gone an extra mile of wishing their parents ill so that they can inherit their parent’s wealth

What is this prison called?

It’s called a prison of WANT.

This is where we have allowed ourselves to be defined by our WANTS AND NOT NEEDS.

Who is in this  prison?

This applies to both the rich and the poor.

To the rich, their desire may revolve around entertaining thoughts like, ”if only I can get one more business deal, then my life would be complete”; ”if only I can secure my children’s future, then I can die happy”; “if only I can acquire one more property…….”, “if only……….” The list is endless

To the economically disadvantaged , their thoughts include, ”if only I could get a simple job, then I would be able to move out of my current situation”; “if only  I could get one more shilling……..”; “if only I could  get one more……..”

Anyone who feels bad when s/he has less and better when s/he has more of something is in a prison of want.

If you happen to be among those individuals who always consider their joy to be  one transfer away, a spouse away, a career away, a car away etc. Then you are in the prison of want

How to get out this prison

There is only one way out. This entails making a resolve like Apostle Paul on  learning how to be content in every situation

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