Beauty Procedures:Beware!

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.

This statement has however resulted in many women subjecting themselves to expensive and painful procedures. All this is done so as to meet societal expectations of what defines “beauty”

Most women who give in to such beauty enhancing procedures are known to do so without doing a cost benefit analysis of whatever beauty option they choose.

I have highlighted below some of the permanent beauty strategies that one should avoid at all cost

Beauty procedure 1: Tattooed make up

This is where individuals have make up permanently tattooed into their bodies. People usually do this to accentuate their eyelids and lips. This beauty approach is mostly used by airlines which insist on their crew having certain body features.

While this may look like a cost cutting strategy given that it helps reduce the number of trips one has to make to a beautician or even the amount time spent in front of a mirror. In my view the effect of this beauty procedure outweigh the benefits

This procedure should be avoided due to the following side effects:

  • These tattoos are difficult to remove
  • Results not worth it in the long run
  • The tissues where the procedure is carried out are usually so sensitive. This can slow down healing
  • Where patch tests are not done in advance, one can suffer an allergic reaction to the permanent dye used
  • Some discoloration of the dye, meaning that the procedure has to be redone  every so often
  • Bleeding

Beauty Procedure 2: Cosmetic Foot Surgery

This is a collection of invasive procedures designed to achieve a desired foot size or shape.

I never knew that people actually pay for this type of procedures. In my view anyone who is unhappy with how their feet look could easily address this by looking for nice shoes

However, if must be, this procedure can be done for those who are club footed or disabled in one way or the other.

It’s a procedure to be used only by those who experience physical discomfort caused by the shape and size of their feet/toes; AND NOT those who only desire an enhanced physical appearance.

Those who undergo this type of beauty enhancing strategy should be prepared for the following lifelong effects:

  • Nerve injury
  • Chronic  foot pain
  • Poor healing given that you still have to use your feet  to walk before healing
  • Infection especially if    infection control measures are not adhered to before, during and after the surgery.

 Beauty Procedure 3: Mesotherapy

Every woman fears having to deal with excess cellulite and aging effects

This is because all women long to age gracefully.

As a result there are women and men alike who undergo mesotherapy in an endeavor to deal with excess cellulite, achieve weight loss, in addition to addressing aging related skin problems.

Mesotherapy involved a shallow injection of a cocktail of substances into the affected area. No one really knows what substances are used

This procedure has not been scientifically proven

Some of the side effects include

  • Can cause pain  and laceration of the injected site
  • Swelling and inflammation
  • Bruising which requires that one wear loose fitting clothes in addition to avoiding any strenuous activities

Beauty Procedure 4: Hormone Enhancement

Recently we heard reports of women in Kenya who have gone a notch higher in their endeavor to enhance their beauty. Not sure who even conceptualized this idea in the first place.

You may be wondering what I’m referring to.

Did you at any time ever envision a situation where human beings would be eating animal feed so as to look beautiful?

This is what is happening now.

We have women out there with a low self-esteem that has seen some women begin to eat chicken feed for hormone stimulation.

The reason being there are chicken in Kenya which mature up after 14 days. Kenyan women in their own wisdom have discovered that they can attain an improvement in their physical outlook if only they shared with the chicken on whatever it is these creatures eat

In closing

To all women out there, there is no need for you to engage in the above beauty procedures to please other people around you. The only option is for each woman out there to accept how God created them and learn to work out their body types as they are.

Having a positive self-esteem is the best beauty product one can aspire for.

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