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Starting A Club Requires Strategy

Recent developments in many countries, Kenya included have seen a rise in the number of individuals joining or starting a club with their friends, relatives and/or workmates. I have also seen individuals who are in more than one club. Reason being clubs are formed for different purposes, namely: To allow members pull their resources together […]

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Mobile Investment in Kenya

Mobile investment in Kenya There are several avenues through which an average Kenyan can diversify their financial portfolio. The decision on which investment avenue to use is dependent on the required resources in terms of financial requirements. Share this:

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Tazama Citizen Tazama Chapaa

There was a posting on the internet where someone was questioning why most tazama chapaa winners are ladies? Tazama chapaa:citizen TV In response to my recent post on mobile investments in Kenya, I will try to respond to why it is that most tazama chapaa winners are ladies My take is : Ladies are risk […]

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Women Investment Clubs in Kenya

How to start a women investment clubs One is every five Kenyan women belongs to an investment club, commonly known as “chamas”. These investment clubs have been in existence since time immemorial. To avoid some of the mishaps that have befallen otherwise promising investment clubs,it is paramount for one to  be cautious before joining one […]

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