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Protect Children from Getting HIV

How do we protect children from getting HIV? By equipping them with knowledge on how HIV is transmitted By sharing with them the various ways they can protect themselves   Share this:

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proper child nutrition

Proper Child Nutrition

Child nutrition is a sign of love Did you know that parenting is all about setting standards to be followed by your children in many areas of their lives? These range from the clothing; schooling; play groups; TV programs to watch, plus what to eat That said, it is every parents desire to have healthy […]

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Juvenile diabetes:What next?

Juvenile diabetes Recent studies indicate an increase in cases of gestational diabetes  among  pregnant women and juvenile diabetes among children. Children, teenagers and early adults  usually suffer from Type 1 diabetes. Juvenile diabetes is also known as diabetes mellitus in medical terms Causes of juvenile diabetes This can be genetic or as a results of […]

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Children and Money

Children and Money Is it important for  you to train your children about the value of money? The answer is definitely YES .Children a ought to be taught from an early age on the basics about money. Why train children on money matters? Children need to understand from an early age that money is earned.This […]

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