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Massage Therapy Success

Massage therapy in itself is both an art and a science. This entails exerting pressure over a certain body part using fingers, fist, elbow, feet, or in some cases equipment.Focus in mostly placed on deep tissues,soft tissues,and muscles A massage can be carried out whilst the client is in any of the following positions: Lying […]

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What is so musical about music?

What is musical about music? By Mary Valai Music  is both an art and a science.Musical sounds can be used to communicate any message.Did you know that music is a universal  language Share this:

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The Beauty of Sleep

The beauty of slumber (By MARY VALAI) What is the beauty of sleep? Has it ever dawned on you how it would feel to remain awake 24 hours of each day of your life? To have your mind, body and senses in a continuous state of activity from one day to the next?? We were […]

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Massage For Happy Babies

Why massage for happy babies? Babies also need massage sessions To all parents out there, delivery of a baby marks the end of a 9 months journey characterized by way ward hormones,mood swings,muscular cramps,fatigues,to name  but a few. Every pregnant never takes time to reflect on how much the bringing forth of a new baby […]

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