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In Prison:We All Are

We all are in Prison I recently read thought provoking article by Mux Lucado. In this article, the author clearly   described how each of us is in a form of prison Not sure how many of you reading this post will agree with David. I did not agree with him at first. This is because […]

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Kenya needs God

Kenya Needs God

As a nation,Kenya  Needs God,with focus on all that is happening around us. Why is it that Kenya Needs God? The Bible clearly says,”Unless the Lord watches over a house,the watchmen do so in vain”. Kenya has for a very long time taken certain things either for granted or casually. For example, what would someone […]

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Personal Holiness

In this day and age, one may ask, is it still possible for one to attain holiness? How do we measure one’s level of holiness? Holiness is not a principle can be measured in terms on “partially holy” or “completely holy”. This is so because it is only God who has the parameters for measurement. […]

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We all need guardian angels. Who are these guardian angels?Do  they really exist? The Bible clearly states that “God HAS GIVEN HIS ANGELS TO KEEP CHARGE OVER US” The life that we live is not always a straight line…things don’t always work out the way we want them to and  sometimes we find ourselves giving […]

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