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In Prison:We All Are

We all are in Prison I recently read thought provoking article by Mux Lucado. In this article, the author clearly   described how each of us is in a form of prison Not sure how many of you reading this post will agree with David. I did not agree with him at first. This is because […]

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A Man Still A Man

A man is called upon to be a provider to his family and a man is still a man whether rich or poor,colored or white The other day, I saw a man pulling a “mkokoteni”{other wise referred to as a pulling cart} along one of the city streets. It was a particularly hot day, and […]

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Women-Lest We Forget

This is to all women out there-who seem to have forgotten their worth. I dedicate this space to remind women that they are : The apple of God’s eyes A treasured generation,a peculiar people and a royal priesthood Fearfully and wonderfully made As we mourn one of our fallen heroine,Prof Wangari Mathai,who overcame all the […]

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Movies:A Sight to Behold

Are movies a sight to behold? “My stars! It was action-packed and full of thrilling suspense…” “Did you see the beautiful scenery and the wonderful lyrics that formed an amazing background to the whole theme of the picture?” “I certainly had chills of fear running down my spine, what a gruesome scene that was…” Share […]

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